WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin Installation & Configuration

Fortunately, all of WordPress shopping cart plugins are open-source. They don’t include encrypted code or any obstacles that could make installation more difficult than it should be.

Some plugins, however, do need licenses keys while others are directly available from WordPress.org, which makes them a breeze to install. Check out the information below to find out which is which.

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Installation of WooCommerce is a quick and elegant process. The plugin installs without a fuss and creates the required default pages like cart, checkout, store etc. Some good documentation is provided if you need some extra hand-holding.

WooCommerce also comes with some dummy data (dummy_data.xml) which you can use to import and populate the store with sample data for testing purposes.


Because Cart66 is open source, it is very easy to install. Like any other plugin, simply upload and activate. If you’re a real newbie, though, there’s a step by step guide on how to install Cart66 provided in the members area.

GetShopped (WP e-Commerce)

Installation of GetShopped is as easy as any other WordPress plugin. Some nice installation documentation and videos makes it easier to configure your server and check other settings.


Once you make the payment, you’ll be sent a download link via email. After downloading and installing the plugin, you’ll have to enter your license key and perform the initial settings, like setting the location of your store, target countries, your email, etc. It’s all pretty smooth and easy with Shopp and its professional user interface. You can also re-download the plugin from your 'Account->My Downloads' section of the Shopp site.


Jigoshop installation is a breeze. Being completely open source, you can download it entirely free and start using it. Note that Jigoshop requires at least WordPress 3.2.1, so if you are using an older version, it is time to upgrade. As said, installation is easy, but if you still need some assistance, Jigoshop forum provides a nice installation guide.


Since eShop is a free plugin that's available through WordPress.org, installation is as simple as any other plugin. To start using the plugin, though, you'll have to go to WordPress admin menu Settings eShop to perform some initial configurations and turn off the test mode.


ShopperPress is packaged as a theme, so you install it as you would install any other theme. Once activated, it takes over WordPress. You'll see a bunch new menu items and screens. Enter your license key and you'll gain full access to the software.

It is amazing how well ShopperPress takes care of initial setup and configurations. There is a step-by-step wizard that takes you through the configurations of your site and makes sure that all of your settings are done correctly. And there's even a "reset to factory settings" option that reverts the pages, categories, and settings of your site back to what ShopperPress requires.

Market Theme

While installing Market Theme is easy, once you download and unzip the software, you'll see a few different folders, which may be confusing. You'll have to read the readme.html to know what to upload to your WordPress site. Fortunately, readme.html is very well written and it is comprehensive.


Installation of MarketPress is easy, simply upload and activate. There are no add-ons or unnecessary configurations to worry about.

Tribulant Shopping Cart

The plugin does not contain encrypted code and does not require anything other than the standards for most plugins. So, after you upload and activate, enter your serial number and you'll be good to go.


Because YAK is freely available from WordPress.org, installation is easy and can be done from your WordPress site admin panel.


DukaPress is available from WordPress.org, so installation is as easy as any other plugin. And like every other shopping cart plugin, there are some initial configuration tasks that need to be done. They're covered in the support and documentation of the plugin.

Templatic Ecommerce

Installing Templatic Ecommerce themes is easy. Just upload and activate. Templatic also offers plenty of documentation on setting up and configuring your selected ecommerce theme.

Zingiri Web Shop

Installation is a breeze, even if you are not an expert in WordPress. Once the installation is complete you will see some menus added to your admin panel, as in the screenshot below. Although they may seem a lot, the options are easy to configure and use. Also a clear administration configuration menu allows you to define the main options of your web shop.


The code of wpStoreCart is completely open and free. The plugin is available from WordPress.org, which means it is free to download and install. It also means that installation is as simple as any other plugin.

WP Online Store

Like other e-commerce shopping carts, WP Online Store is easy to install. Being completely Open Source, you can download it entirely free and start using it. WP Online Store works with all versions of WordPress above 3.0 and there is also a video tutorial to help you during installation. If you are not tech savvy, you can also have the installation and setup get done by the WP Online Store people for a price of $45.


Like other e-commerce shopping carts TheCartPress installation is simple. Being completely Open Source, you can download it entirely free and start using it. Note that TheCartPress requires at least WordPress 3.1, which most people would probably have by now.

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