The Best WordPress Shopping Cart and Ecommerce Plugin

WordPress shopping cartI have listed for you here all of WordPress shopping cart solutions: plugins, hybrids, lightweight plugins, and even hosted carts.

Let me first briefly explain what makes each one of these four types different:

Shopping cart plugins — these plugins provide the functionality of a shopping cart. They turn WordPress into a complete and professional online store. But they do not change the appearance of your store. To customize the appearance of a store, you will need to either modify your theme or use one of the pre-built themes for the plugins.

Shopping cart plugin + theme — these are plugin/theme hybrids. Essentially, they are themes with the shopping cart functionality embedded. These solutions take care of the presentation as well as the functionality of your store. While they’re generally easier to use and setup, they’re not as flexible and customizable as plain shopping cart plugins.

Lightweight shopping cart plugins — these are simpler shopping cart plugins that are used to sell only a few items on your blog or non-ecommerce site. They usually only integrate with one popular payment processor, e.g. PayPal or Google Checkout, and don’t have many shipping options or inventory control capabilities.

Plugins to integrate WordPress with 3rd-party shopping carts — these don’t bring shopping cart functionality to your WordPress site. Rather, they help you integrate WordPress with a 3rd party shopping cart solutions.

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugins

The top three shopping cart plugins.

Cart66 (free) covers the basics and beyond. It is very reliable and solidly built. It has excellent integration with WordPress API. Perhaps that’s why it powers the official WordPress Swag Store. Download »»

WooCommerce (free) is one of the most popular ecommerce plugins ever since its introduction, it has quickly gained popularity and community support. It is based off of Jigoshop (which is definitely worth checking out also). WooCommerce is free, and it’s backed by plenty of premium extensions and themes. Download»»

GetShopped (free) is one of the earliest shopping cart plugins for WordPress. It used to be a little shaky, but its more recent versions have seen tremendous improvements. While official support for the plugin is lacking, its community is huge. Download »»

The following is a side-by-side comparison of the top three shopping cart plugins. I’ve rated them based on how well they perform in each comparison criteria.

You can click on the criteria link to read more about it and how different plugins perform in it.

WooCommerce Cart66 GetShopped
Download here Download here Download here
Installation ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆
Support & docs ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆
WordPress integration ★★★★½ ★★★★½ ★★★★☆
Managing product variations ★★★★½ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Shipping & taxes ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★½
Admin UI ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★½
Payment methods PayPal (Pro & Express), Google Checkout, 2Checkout, Inspire Commerce CyberSource, Braintree, e-Path, GoCardless, MyGate, SecurePay Merchant Warrior, MoIP, NAB Transact (Direct Post), Dwolla, PayJunction, WorldPay, Pagamento Digital PagSeguro, Payment Express, Skrill, First Data, MercadoPago FeeFighters Samurai, Amazon FPS, iDeal, Secure Trading, Ogone PayPal Pro, PayPal Standard, PayPal Express, Authorize.Net, Quantum Gateway, Eprocessing Network PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, PayPal Express, Google Checkout, ChronoPay
Downloadable products ★★★½☆ ★★★★★ ★★★★★
Managing promotions ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆
Sidebar widgets ★★★★☆ ★★☆☆☆ ★★★★☆
Themes & styles ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★½
Managing affiliates ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆
Multi-language ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★★
Popularity ★★★★½ ★★★★½ ★★★★★
Refund period No 60 days No
The money Free
Support starts at: $70
Essential add-ons: $50/each*
Lite version is free
1-site: $89
5-sites: $179
Unlimited: $299
Essential add-ons: $50/each*
Download here Download here Download here

More Awesome Shopping Cart Plugins

While the three above plugins are definitely great and well rounded, they’re not the only ones available. The plugins below are also unique in their strengths.

MarketPress ($19) is most impressive because of how well it is integrated with WordPress. While it lacks some features, it’s built on a solid foundation that makes it infinitely extensible. Download »»

Tribulant Shopping Cart ($55) provides plenty of bang for the buck. It is full of advanced features, such as integration with shipping carriers, but only costs $55. Download »»

Jigoshop (free) is built by professionals with years of experience delivering online shops for global brands. Jigoshop enables you to build your shop in minutes with physical and downloadable products or even services. Jigoshop provides you with all the features necessary to set up an ecommerce web site rapidly. Download»»

Shopp ($55) is full of features and each feature is developed to a great depth and with care. So, it certainly goes beyond the basics. It has a wide array of supported payment gateways and shipping carriers. Download »»

eShop (free) has most of the features that put it in direct competition with the top three plugins above. Yet, it is completely free. Download »»

YAK (free) is minimalist in its appearance, but not any less sophisticated than the other plugins in features. It’s best suited for a small shop that needs advanced payment processing. Download »»

DukaPress (free) handles shopping cart integration with WordPress in a smart and efficient manner. It also has more pre-built themes than the average plugin. Download »»

Zingiri Web Shop (free) comes in two flavors. One with the full code installed on top of WordPress, and all data stored on your server. The other, Zingiri Web Shop Live, uses web services and data stored on the Zingiri servers. Download»»

wpStoreCart (free) has most of the features that you’d need in a shopping cart, but I found its features to fall a little short of meeting customer requirements. Download »»

WP Online Store (free) is an integration between osCommerce and WordPress. It has a fairly good rating on Premium add-ons and services are offered on the plugin’s website. Download»»

TheCartPress is another free ecommerce plugin that’s available from It also has a decent rating on the official plugin directory. There’s a dedicated website and community for the plugin. Download»»

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin and Theme Hybrids

This is a list of WordPress shopping cart theme/plugin hybrids.

ShopperPress ($79) has plenty of shopping cart options and features and plenty of appearance customization features. Yet, it is very easy to use thanks to the setup wizard and the extensive online documentation. It also includes more than 20 child themes. For its features, it is fairly priced at $79 only. Download »»

Market Theme ($55) is a very user-friendly shopping cart solution for WordPress. While its features are limited, it is very reliable and easy to use. It’s very affordable at $55 only and it is backed by a solid satisfaction guarantee. Download »»

Templatic Ecommerce ($65) is a shopping cart solution by Templatic. It’s a collection of different themes that are all powered by the same shopping cart code. Each ecommerce theme from Templatic costs $65. Buy one of these if you’ve fallen in love with the designs — as there’s nothing special in the functionality. Download »»

Here’s a more detailed comparison of these three hybrid solutions:

ShopperPress Market Theme Templatic
Download here Download here Download here
Installation ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆
Support & docs ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆
WordPress integration ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆
Selling product variations ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆
Shipping & taxes ★★★★☆ ★★½☆☆ ★★★★☆
Payment methods PayPal (Pro & Standard), Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, WorldPay Protx, CC Avenue, AlertPay, eWay, 2Checkout, PayFast, PayWeb, NoChex ePay, Realex, MoneyBookers, MonsterPay, Setcom, PayTrace PayPal Standard, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net PayPal Standard, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, WorldPay, 2Checkout
Downloadable products ★★★☆☆ ★★☆☆☆* ★★☆☆☆
Managing promotions No No ★★★☆☆
Themes & styles ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆ ★★★★☆
Managing affiliates No No ★★★½☆
Multi-language ★★★★☆ ★★★★½ ★★★☆☆
Popularity ★★★★☆ ★★★★½ ★★★½☆
Refund period No 60 days No
The money Unrestricted license: $79 Standard license: $55
Developer license: $150
Standard license: $65/theme
Developer license: $99/theme
All themes unlimited: $299
Download here Download here Download here

Lightweight Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress

These lightweight shopping cart plugins are all free. They can be downloaded from plugin directory.

WordPress lightweight shopping cart plugins include:

Simple PayPal Shopping Cart by Tips and Tricks HQ is the most downloaded and highest rated lightweight shopping cart plugin on I like the way it works. It outsources location-based shipping and tax calculations to PayPal. It is simple to use, yet highly customizable. Download »»

FatFreeCart works with PayPal and Google Checkout. I think it’s very underrated. It supports product variations, taxes, and shipping & handling fees. It also has a nice ajax-powered shopping cart view. While the plugin is made by e-junkie, it works completely independently of the e-junkie service. Download »»

Quick Shop is a popular lightweight cart plugin. It only works with PayPal, but it provides more flexibility than usually expected from a plugin in its category. It allows the merchant to set the currency and even provide free shipping for orders exceeding a certain amount. Download »»

LBak Google Checkout, as the name implies, only works with Google Checkout. It is very simple, yet very usable. It is for merchants who deal in U.S. dollars and charge a fixed shipping rate per product. The plugin also supports product variations. Download »»

3rd-Party Shopping Cart Integration Plugins

By the strictest definition, the following aren’t really shopping cart plugins for WordPress. They are plugins that merely integrate WordPress with a 3rd party shopping cart. I haven’t reviewed these because the quality and usefulness of each plugin is highly reliant on the 3rd party solution, whose details are beyond the scope of this page.

However, I have listed for you here some 3rd party shopping carts with the plugin(s) that facilitate their WordPress integration.

Ecwid is a hosted shopping cart that aims to be compatible with any website, hassle-free, and lightening-fast. Its integration plugin is, by far, the most popular among its competitors. It has an official WordPress integration plugin.

FoxyCart is a hosted cart with highly customizable CSS and HTML. It should easily integrate with WordPress using XML and JSON. And its checkout flow is highly optimized to increase conversions. There are two plugins that help you integrate FoxyCart with WordPress. The more popular one is FoxyShop. The other is FoxyPress.

BigCommerce is a popular hosted shopping cart solution because of its ease of use, good support, and affordability. Its integration plugin can be downloaded here.

Wazala is kind of similar to Ecwid in that it can be installed and integrated into any website easily. While it’s capable of selling physical goods, Wazala also puts a lot of emphasis on its ability to sell digital products. The Wazala team has developed an integration plugin for WordPress.

Volusion is another very popular hosted shopping cart solution. It has a rich feature set, including the ability to manage affiliates, ready-to-use templates, mobile shopping sites, and more. Its WordPress integration plugin doesn’t seem to be widely utilized. Anyway, it can be downloaded here.

Magento, I understand, is to ecommerce what WordPress is to blogging…or something like that. Anyway, it’s a very popular open-source ecommerce platform and now it can be tightly integrated with WordPress using plugins like Magento WordPress Integration.

Share the knowledge!

If you know a shopping cart plugin that is missing from this list, please let us know in the comments!

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  1. What would be your opinion of OpenCart?

  2. scrapp

    I decided to go with woocommerce and their mystile theme because it got high marks for ease of use. I like it….BUT…’s running really slow now and I’ve only got 100 products in inventory. I’m not a techie but I will have to figure out how to make it run light or switch to another cart. WP cache didn’t help much and the next plan is to compress the images. In contrast I have another site that has thousands of images but no shopping cart and it’s as fast as any wordpress blog.

    Is there a plugin for handling how the catalog is queried? I’m not good at coding and attempts at adding to the functions file are successful about half the time. The other half meets with the wrecking ball.

  3. I wanted to post on this thread as I have followed it for several months. We developed a plugin that has been released for about 5 months and had about 15,000 downloads so far.

    WP EasyCart is listed on wordpress as ‘WordPress Shopping Cart’ and is a paid plugin, but only $80 dollars for the full thing.

    This includes live gateways, live shipping calculators with usps, ups, fedex, aus, post, and a ton of other great features. We did our own comparison with the competitors.

    WooCommerce is great, but can cost a lot if you add live gateways, live shipping systems, etc.
    WP E-commerce and Cart 66 didn’t have quite the feature load, but still popular and good.
    JigoShop we found could add up as well when you start looking at features… We did our own comparison at

    We have some good demos running to check out as well, but would love a third party to do a full comparison of shopping cart systems for wordpress as well, see how we all stack up to each other.

  4. Hey LA. To be honest this entire thread should be closed and a new one made to replace it with more updated content. This stuff is pretty ancient.

    Anyway. Dan here from the WP e-Commerce Plugin project. Ummm actually I think you’ll find that we’re THE WordPress e-Commerce Plugin. We were certainly the first and integrating e-Commerce and WordPress Plugins was my idea. Hey… just say’n ;)

    Please take a look at the 3.8.13 beta release (via our blog). Its got a HUGE amount of new code in it, we’ve basically done a re-write on most of the Plugin, we’re probably 2/3s of the way through a total rewrite. The developers we work with in the WP community are saying we’re on the right track so thats very encouraging.

    From a users POV the new admin user interface for adding products is about to get an overhaul. Infact if you know how to use github you can probably experience it for yourself. Email and I’ll flick you the details :)

  5. Thanks for your compilation. Referred your blog and chose some plugins on my site…

    Thanks again.

  6. Great overview, thanks for posting! We actually took a look at this to do our own series of reviews, and all of these plugins have pros/cons. I’d also look into Easy Digital Downloads as well since that’s been released since this was written, and handles downloadable products very well.

    Thanks for the comprehensive overview!

  7. What, not even a mention of WP EasyCart?

    THE WordPress shopping cart

  8. Let’s revive this old thread.

    I was looking for a full featured multilingual, multicurrency, e-commerce solution that might be customizable by myself, so I compared WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce.

    Even though WooCommerce has a better product presentation appeal out of the box, it lacks real time shipping calculation (you need to buy them separately). As somebody said before, you need to pay your way into getting a complete shopping cart solution.

    WP e-Commmerce includes the shipping calculation out of the box, which made me decide to go with it.

    I’m not against paying, but I do want to test a solution before I buy into it. If it fails or does not cover or let’s you cover what it lacks, you can easily throw it away and look into something else.

    I’m still testing, so I’m currently having problems with the shopping cart. I’m using WP Super Cache, and this caching plugin causes the shopping cart to display “Loading…” for ever.

    I hope the getshopped developers can work with the WP Super Cache developers to fix this. I’m going to have to try W3 Total Cache to see if this solves this situation.

    Anyway, thank you for letting me vent my current situation.

  9. This is a great It would be great post and I just wanted to mention all the updates we’ve made to Cart66 since this was written. About 6 months ago we released Cart66 Cloud. Cart66 Cloud offers a lot more than other WP Ecommerce plugins because it includes a bunch of “services” that make selling your stuff so much safer and easier. For example, Cart66 handles all the security for you so you don’t have to worry about SSL certificates and security scans. You also get built in recurring billing, support for over 50 payment gateways, a CDN to securely host and delivery digital files, a built-in membership control system to sell access to content on your site, etc. Let me know if you have any questions, I’m one of the Cart66 developers.

    Thanks! –Lee

  10. Great list. I was looking for a simple, lightweight cart and I decided to go with “Simply Paypal Shopping Cart”. Thanks much :)

  11. I’m finding a wordpress plugin which helps me to create a online store. I found your site from google and WP e-Commerce Plugin helped me to do this. Thanks for your help. Thank so much !

  12. Nora

    It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this fantastic blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to new updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group.
    Chat soon!

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    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Bless you!

  15. Whats up are using WordPress for your blog
    platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started and create my own.
    Do you need any coding knowledge to make your own blog?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  16. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Regardless, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  17. This is the right blog for everyone who wants to find
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    with you (not that I really will need to…HaHa). You certainly
    put a new spin on a topic that’s been discussed for ages. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

  18. Galina

    Such variety of choices confuses me….When I read the article on woo commerce and wp ecommerce comparison here I decided to migrate to woocommerce. seems the best existing plugin for wordpress. Hope I won’t be diappointed.

  19. Thank You, I was looking for this

  20. Danny

    I am testing out Cart66 for which i purchased the Pro version. It is suppose to integrate well with an existing WordPress theme. I have an existing Word Press site that was created a year ago that I want to integrate an eCommerce piece. However, one needs to have an above average knowledge of CSS to be able to try and Style undesired Shopping cart looks or fixing styling issues that come up like modifying colors, shopping cart background color fields, etc. Nothing in the Cart66 documentation points out what and where in the Style.css (Your WordPress Themes Css) are Cart66’s css coding so you can attempt to modify it.

    Cart66 will create a page called “Store” visible in the Navigation bar. It is a page where all of your products will be clumped into. There does not seem to be a way of Categorizing products into different pages: For Example: If you sell Candles, Crystals, Books, Jewelry, Figurines, and Incense, there doesn’t seem to be a way to categorize them into separate pages dedicated for each of product category.

    Nothing worse than all of these products crowded into one page called Store where a user endlessly scrolls down in hopes to find the jewelry items that may be in the bottom of the page! However, the email\knowledge base support is great. I will continue to test it out within the next few weeks……

    • Luis

      You can try TheCartPress, it has native integration with WordPress, so you have by default “post type” archives to display all your products (, but of course you can make product categories.
      You can use widget tools or WordPresss native menus to display the category navigation.

  21. I’m thinking if I would try Woocommerce, this is free wordpress shopping cart plugins.

    • danny

      I was thinking about wooCommerce as well until i found out that there are upgrades or modules that will substantially enhance it’s capabilities. Those are not free…

  22. David

    I would like to create a website on which sellers would sell their products(in this case digital products). I would get a small commission for every product sold. Is there a wordpress plugin that would allow me to set up a website like this.

  23. Joe

    Any recommendation for small international store? It would need:
    – Calculated shipping
    – multilingual integration (i.e. compatible with something like qtranslate)
    – Multiple currency support
    – Many payment options accepted.

    I currently use the free Ecwid, which on many levels I absolutely love. It has three major shortfalls to me:
    – No multilingual support for product names or categories
    – Expensive – $16-17 a month for the full version starts to add up
    – SEO shortfalls — lots of little workarounds but it really hurts not having the products and descriptions hosted on my site.

    MarketPress doesn’t have USPS calculated shipping.
    WooCommerce has lots of payment options, but $50 a pop.

    • Luis

      Hi Joe,
      thecartpress is a free plugin, with it you can:
      – Calculated shipping FREE
      – multilingual integration (compatible with WPML and qtranslate, I only test it with WPML) FREE
      – Multiple currency support FREE
      – Many payment options accepted. (Some FREE some premiumn)

      Also you can use all the WOrdPress SEO plugins (and others), I normaly use WordPress SEO by Yoast (super!).

  24. June

    M.K., thank you for your comprehensive and clear review. Do you perhaps know a plugin that offers multi-language capabilities out of the box? That is, the e-shop should display the items in english, german and later on french and chinese.

  25. I stumbled upon this post and the timing couldn’t be better. I have been charged with converting our Dreamweaver site over to WordPress and integrate a shopping cart. Our company manufactures and distributes water testing products and instrumentation. We have about 300 products in our product line and we sell globally. We have purchased Cart 66 professional and one of it’s themes but reading about Jigoshop and other options has me re-thinking my selection. Any thoughts from this group? I think my needs are pretty simple; select a product, add to cart, choose shipping method, complete transaction. I do not need to track inventory or anything like that. Will Cart 66 do the trick or should I look at other carts? Thanks!

  26. Zafar

    Hi M K,

    I found your website on Google while checking for the subject and was amazed on the information you have provided for the people looking for recommendations and reviews. Great effort you have put in to this website and very useful contents.

    Now I was browsing to see possibilities for a WP web shop as follows:
    1-Make a shopping cart that will be promoted locally to sell office supplies and products and global reach is not the object here as it is to do with physical products to be delivered to the office in the region I plan to cover.
    2-Should have the option to configure the local currently which DIRHAMS=DHS.
    3-Feature to upload the inventory with images and the relevant data.

    I will appreciate if you can recommend the best themes and plugins to achieve this task with a friendly UI as I am not a geek and just know how to set up simple blogs.

    Appreciate your feed back.

    Regards, Zafar

  27. Chong

    Hi, does anyone know of any WP plugin that can automatically update my inventory with the list provided by my supplier in XML and/or CSV format?


  28. The Zingiri Web Shop plugin comes in two flavous. One with the full code installed in your WP directory, and all data stored on your server. The other, aka Zingiri Web Shop Live, uses web services and data stored on the Zingiri servers.

    The former suits people who want to hack the code, the latter is best for people who want a simple installation and peace of mind.

  29. I have used various free carts, Woo themes and the one I have found to be very simple is the shopper theme from
    There are limitations, but their developers seem to be bringing out updates quite regularly. At just $79 their free lifetime support, videos, forum and documentation cannot be bettered.
    Woo’s support I found lacking.

  30. Yusef

    I have purchased Marketpress and Shopperpress and have been developing using both trying to decide which is the best fit for my customer.

    The customer requirements look simple at first and I went with Shopperpress then back came the feedback and further more intricate requirements came out e.g. putting breadcrumb, different random product to show whenever a page was refreshed, the list was extensive.

    After struggling to get these extra’s into Shopperpress I chose to use Marketpress with the iThemes Builder Framework theme, this allowed me much greater flexibility to quickly meet the customer requirements, especially on layout and how precisely a page would behave.

    I am also finding that it is proving more flexible to meet new requirements from the customer as I can easily put in plugins and modify the theme template.

    Bottom line for me was Shopperpress is great for setting up a basic to intermediate webstore but when you attempt to add plugins to ‘plug’ functionality gaps e.g. breadcrumb trail, then there is too high a risk it will interfere with the Shopperpress functionality.

    This plugin risk greatly limits Shopperpress from meeting future and new requirements and leaves you very dependent upon the developers to release the functionality within Shopperpress.

    However, to get a webstore up and running and provide a user with a great user interface to load, sell and monitor their products then Shopperpress wins, it really is easy to set up. At $79 with lifetime support, excellent value too.

    Point to note, the solution I have used with Marketpress and iThemes Builder means the customer must continue to pay around $700 per annum to ensure support from WPMU Dev and iThemes.

    Needless to say that the customers website generates an income that easily justifies the $700 per annum outlay.

    Your write up of the shopping carts and the various options helped me I hope that my little contribution helps.

    Kind regards,

    • M. K.

      Thank you so much Yusef for contributing this comparison between ShopperPress and MarketPress to our site. I agree with what you said. ShopperPress is easy to start with and offers a great value, but it’s not as flexible as MarketPress or other solutions.

    • Kalu

      Hi Yusef,

      I need a market press customization and installation for multisites. Can you handle this?

  31. harry

    I am searching for a wordpress shopping cart plug in that will allow users to download books digitally. I would also like to be able to add further products such as mp3, dvds and cds. I was using virtuemart on joomla, but there does not appear to be a wordpress version.

    • Brian Gardner linked to a Genesis Music Theme in a tweet to Jane Wells the other night recommending the WP e-Commerce Plugin… this would be my recommendation too:!/bgardner/status/180108624243343360

  32. I read your article and it is very helpful
    My needs are simple, i have up to 10 daily dishes that i want to offer in my site so my customers will be able to order for home delivery. They will not pay money through the site, i want just to take orders from a verified customer.
    Any suggestions?

    • WP e-Commerce Plugin should would work perfectly for you.
      Download it here:

      The latest version of the WP e-Commerce Plugin is awesome and a new release is about to hit the streets. The 3.8.8 RC1 release went well and the Product UI is better then the other e-Commerce Plugins – you can get that version here:

  33. Ben

    Stay away from Shopp. Every recent released upgrade breaks your site!

  34. I have been asked to produce a website for a local embroidery company who would like customers to log in and then be able to choose from a range of products, upload the information (either a logo or text) which is to be embroidered on to the article, then pay for the whole lot on check out.
    Which wp site or plugin do you recommend that can do the above?

  35. I am looking for someone to help me build a shipping component onto WP say top 3 shopping carts. So your article has helped me look into shopp and cart66. Are there any new fantastic ones in 2012 that I should be looking at?

    • In addition to GetShopped and Cart66, Jigoshop and WooCommerce have been making a lot of noise lately. I’d consider both to be hot upcoming ecommerce plugins.

  36. Jason Lensch

    Is there a integration plugin for Zen cart and wordpress? Also the wordgento plugin I could not find, any thoughts?


    • Hi Jason, I’m not aware of a plugin that integrates Zen Cart with WordPress.

      Yeah, Wordgento seems to have been removed from the plugin directory. Though other plugins that integrate Magento with WordPress still exist. Search the directory or Google to find a few of them.

    • There are indeed plugins to integrate Zen Cart and WordPress.. Zen Cart for WordPress and WordPress for Zen Cart. See this site for more details:

  37. My Question is which cart is easiest for a client to upload product.

  38. M.K. Do you have any thoughts on JigoShop?

    • M.K.

      I’ve heard good things about it. I have not tried it myself, but my impression of it is that it’s got the basics right, and it’s still being expanded and developed. Some commenters below, who’ve actually used it, have given their opinion, which is mostly positive.

    • mark

      Thank you for such a quick reply! And THANK YOU for your all of the work you put into this summary of options. Very helpful.

    • M.K.

      My pleasure, and I’m glad you found page helpful!! :)

  39. cageofmind22

    I have a question for the author / anyone else who wants to chime in. Ive looked everywhere online and cant seem to find an ecommerce solution that works for my situation.

    I run a silk screen shop and want to setup an online store for users to place orders online. We have a wide variety of apparel that users can chose from to have their logo or brand printed on. My main concern is on the product page itself where users will ultimately fill out all of the information for their desired order. Users will click on their desired T-shirt model. On this page there will be various options for the user to choose from, the first is a dropdown menu for available colors with that model shirt. From there they will be given two fields: 1) Quantity (12, 24, 36, etc), 2) Size (S, M, L, XL, etc). These quantities will effect the price by offering discounts for increased quantity, and smaller variances for larger size T-shirts. However, I would like to see these dropdowns need to be dynamic data that changes the price as the user is changing information. Below those fields there should be the option to add more fields. This way a user can create their whole order on the one page by allowing them to include a different quantity for the various sizes that they want. Below those forms I want an area dedicated to the printing portion of the business with different prices associated for various options (i.e. 1-color, 2-color, oversized, etc). They should also be able to add extra options such as Images on the back of the shirt, sleeve, or other areas outside the standard printing area. Users will also have to be able to upload a file, or multiple files for different images. When its added to the cart, all of the different options are calculated and combined in a user friendly and easy to read manner for the users. Hopefully that wasn’t too terribly confusing.

    Currently I am working with WordPress, but am open to other options. I have been looking into Cart66, WooCommerce, and a few others. Does anyone know of an ecommerce solution that might fit my needs?

    • It sounds to me that your biggest challenge is handling product variations. Shopp does this best. But then you also have some very particular requirements, like “area dedicated to the printing portion”.

      You may wanna check out Gravity Forms. I’m not sure, but I think it can be integrated with Shopp (and even Cart66) to extend the order forms in those plugins. You can ask about that in Gravity Forms forum for pre-purchase questions.

    • Shopp is certainly very flexible but I’d also have a very hard look at WPOnlineStore. It offers infinite product variation and I’m fairly certain will do all that you are asking. It’s free so try it for yourself.

    • james f

      We bought SHOPP. It has an important limitation that is a dealbreaker, and is causing me to replace it.
      You cannot indicate a fixed shipping cost for individual products.
      On checkout you can only offer all of the choices you create . If you want to make the shipping simple for users by way of a fixed price of say $5.00 for Product A and $10.00 for Product B, Support has told me it cannot be done.

      Also a bit unimplressed with support.. Even with the$ 249.99 developer license, support is only by “5 hour to 24 hour email response” You have to pay for a PRIORITY ticket. I tried that with an earlier installation activation issue and was still put in a queue that took hours..
      The forum there whcih they tell you to “Search first, seriously” is pretty full of questions with no replies.. I can’t recommend them.

  40. Jakob Sternberg

    I just installed wpStoreCart.
    I only spent a half an hour testing out stuff, and it is very promising.

    Sofar the only thing i’m unsure of is how to enable another/custom payment gateway.

  41. I installed wp ecommerce then purchased gold ecommerce plugin and wish I hadnt. Several issues since having updated wp. Designers say that their version 4 will work ok with updated wp. I paid for premium which says that they will go into the site and repair any issues – I have not found this to be the case and thats why I am here looking for an alternative. Very disappointed

    • I have two sites and downloaded a xml product file expecting I could upload it into another site, but oh no. To upload it has to be a csv file.
      Ok thought I , lets convert it. Tried without success, contacted the support dept of a free xml to csv site who told me that he has had many instances like mine and he is at this moment looking at the file to see why it will not convert.
      I placed several calls for help to the support at getshopped, expecting them to keep to their claims of their willing to look into a site to see what has happened. I gave them all the information and the response was zero. Great after all I had paid for their gold plugin !!
      I will not use ecommerce plug in even if it was the last ecommerce plugin on the market.
      I am now possibly facing three weeks of work to upload each product manually and do the on page seo etc.
      This has left a nasty taste in my mouth, but what can I do ? Surely a designer would design a plugin thatdownloads as well as uploads in csv format or am I talking rubbish ?

    • You may wanna take a look at eShop. It’s a free ecommerce plugin and somebody has created a CSV importer for it.

    • This seems to be a common problem. ShopperPress will import without a problem. But there is no export function. We’ve exported directly from the db but we’ve now got hundreds of products in the wrong categories that all have to be manually checked and corrected.

      And, like you, it looks like all our SEO has been lost.

      I assume the logic goes along the lines of: “Why would you want to export your data… that would mean you are not satisfied with our solution and how could that be????”

      David Wilks

    • They should as I cannot be the only one who wishes to have 2 shops with the same product on ? What is the saying about making assumptions :-)

      It seems stupid to think download in one format and upload in a different format or does it

  42. I’m posting again to report a few getshopped / wp ecommerce issues:

    1. It’s not clear that it’s compatible with WordPress 3.3. Some forum users at the site are reporting functionality issues.
    2. You can’t offer free downloads. This feature used to work but is now broken. People are posting hacks in the user support forums but they don’t work for everybody. And you would need to reapply any hack when you update the plugin files.

    Funny thing is, although I had given up on this plugin for new client projects, I had to update an existing client’s WPEC cart. I was open-minded about giving getshopped another chance, especially since they claim to be making an effort to improve the product. For example you can use short tags, and they say they are making the templating process easier. However the ambiguity over 3.3 compatability is stopping me from upgrading, and now I am stuck with the free download issue.

    I suppose I could just try the update, and if it’s broken under WP 3.3, that would motivate me to transfer my last WPEC store to something like Jigoshop.

    I’m also using shopp for another client’s store. It’s ok but I’m not totally loving it.

    • Hi Barry!

      I’m one of the three lead developers for WP E-Commerce. If you have any questions about compatibility, feel free email me personally at justinsainton at gmail dot com, I’d be more than happy to address any bugs you’re encountering. But if it provides any level of comfort, all of the lead devs are running WP 3.3 (or trunk) as we develop – and I’m personally using the latest 3.8 build with WP 3.3 on several client sites, no problems. The bugs we have heard about are minimal and cosmetic and will be addressed in the next release. I hope that wasn’t ambiguous at all.

      As far as free downloads go, I’m not sure exactly what you’re going for. If you’re wanting to give your visitors something for free, I suppose I’d argue the best way to do that would be something other than an e-commerce plugin. If you’re wanting to include a free download link when someone purchases a certain product, we have all the actions and filters in place to do that through a plugin already.

      Hope that helps clear up any issues!

    • Hey Justin, good to hear you’re running 3.3. I’ll set it up on the client’s dev site with your latest stable build of wpec.

      The client currently sells digital downloads and CDs and wants to be able to occasionally change the price of an existing downloadable item to $0.

      Our workaround involved putting the download on a simple hyperlink in a blog post and disabling the product in WPEC.

      I respect that you consider this an inappropriate use of ecommerce but it is nonetheless useful. It would be great if you could incorporate the user hacks into WPEC core to let customers bypass paypal in such situations.

    • A little birdy told me that the marketing page in the impending 3.9 version of WP e-Commerce Plugin is going to get an overhaul. One of the new promotional options will be the ability to offer “buy 1 and get 1 free” type functionality to your customers.

      One of the people we work with in the music industry is in the process of building a WP e-Commerce Plugin Theme business. The entire focus will be around band related themes. We are also helping them develop a new Ticketing Plugin based on their experience in the industry – which is years of selling tickets, merch, and digital downloads, so its going to be nice.

      Anyway after reading what Justin says I believe that the specific functionality you require (free downloads) should be made into a new add-on Plugin for WP e-Commerce. I’m going to see if I can find somebody to make this – I’ll try but given the closeness to xmas not sure if it’ll get done pre NY. I will try though :)

      For people that are interested read more / try out the WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8.8 beta and leave a comment on the GetShopped website.

    • I am having several issues which is what has me looking into other cart systems…
      1. Related products are not working
      2. Googlecheckout does not function properly, yet no one on the support forums seem to offer any assistance. Posts regarding this are ignored.
      3. Since the latest update, the “add as thumbnail” button is no longer on the admin product pages.

      the ability for a customer to view their order history is non existent.

  43. Great artice…thank you

    I am really at a loss on what to do about a cart for my shop. Cart66 did not have some of the features I needed.(Google Checkout being one of them).

    GetShopped /wp-ecommerce is a complete disaster with support for something that is very clearly not functioning properly (oddly, with google checkout) No one there seems to care about fixing the problems with it.I refuse to purchase their Gold Cart plugin, when their free version doesn’t even work right.

    I am looking at Shopp, but I am hearing mixed reviews about it. I’m leary of spending countless hours in getting something exactly the way I want it, when reviews are so mixed.

    JigoShop looks very interesting and promising, but they seem to be very vague about what the specific features are that they offer.

    I would love a cart that has:
    Google checkout, paypal express, wish list, product options, wish list, the ability for an affiliate program and most of all….a support staff that backs up their cart software with…..a forum they actually bother to respond on.

    Any suggestions would be great.

    • Hi Lynne,
      We dont like to toot our own horn, but we felt we must in this case. What you’re asking for is not much, and Wazala offers all the features you’re asking for. Great support staff that are willing to go the extra mile to get it all done for you. Check us out and if you have any questions email

    • Thanks. Very interesting, but not quite what I am looking for.

  44. Aj

    I am planning on buying a genesis theme, but i want to integrate it into a e-commerce website, selling t-shirt, shoes, etc. What do you think is the best shopping cart in this case?

    • Check out the latest WP e-Commerce Plugin blog post regarding a new e-Commerce Genesis Child Theme called myTunes. It is a free Genesis Child Theme designed to help people sell music and merchandise online – so it might just work for you.

      I was chatting to Denise the developer and she is also working on a vanilla Genesis + WP e-Commerce Theme framework. Something easy for people to take and customize if they want to start a new theme from scratch.

      Denise is a genius Genesis developer. You can read more about her and her accolades on her site here:

      And you can grab the myTunes Geneis Chile Theme from here:

  45. Loretta

    I’ve been reading and digesting all of this. I somehow got to Tips and Tricks WordPress eStore Plugin: It look really amazing for the price. You list their free version but not this version (from what I can see). Any thoughts about it from you or your other readers would be appreciated. I will be launching two sites – mine and a client site. For the client I need a user friendly product management function. Her products are classes; mine will be ebooks and ecourses.


    • I did review eStore a long time ago. The review is not included here because it’s really old. I have not tried eStore recently, so I cannot say how good or bad it is. But I know it’s just for creating a digital store, not a fully functioning ecommerce site. Most of the products of T&T HQ tend to be simple to use and effective. They also have great support.

    • Loretta

      Thanks M.K. Since posting that post I looked at WPMU DEV and am testing MarketPress. So far I like it and am intrigued by a number of their plugins for other additions to my sites (membership, e-newsletter, popup and more). Love the membership concept – install all the plugins you want while a member (plugins are yours forever). I did a quickie site, added two products and put up a store page and it worked easily. Lots more to learn – got distracted getting my PayPal sandbox setup…..

    • WP eStore is a fantastic and simple to use plugin that I have been using for at least 3 years now; it only has a couple of drawbacks from my point of view : no auto update feature, could use more detailed shipping/tax setup, and you can’t temporarily turn off/on products (at least not that I’ve discovered). The developer is incredibly responsive (as in minutes to hear back from him) and the plugin has always worked for me, in fairly complex setups, too, without a hitch. I have used it for clients selling digital downloads, tshirts, camp registrations, membership subscriptions and making donations with ZERO issues. I’ve also used the Simple Paypal Shopping Cart version with equal success.

  46. Great post. Thank you! I’m using ShopperPress (now running 6.4) and it is definitely easy to use. However, for anyone kicking off with it now, the documentation is OLD and dates back to V5, often having little relevance to the current version.

    Like all options, ShopperPress has it’s limitations and I am now faced with the dilemma of further customisation or (shock, horror) CHANGE!

    I need to be able to offer a hierarchy of differently priced options for a single base product (kitchen cabinets). There are three different decisions that need to be made by the customer and each decision impacts price. ShopperPress has only two dynamic custom fields capable of doing this. BUT that’s not the big challenge ‘coz we can code that. The real headache is that the field labels we apply here become global across all products in all categories. That IS a serious challenge.

    It appears that Shopp has unlimited capacity to solve this issue but, as always, you have to go through the testing pain to find out. And you can only do that buy buying the product since documentation is not available until you commit. The $55.00 is neither here nor there. The time factor is!

    • After endless searching, I’ve committed to Shopp and can only hope that the negative feedback relates to historical challenges :-)

      As a backup, I have also purchased Gravity Forms which, if Shopp falls over, I can hopefully use to enhance the functionality of ShopperPress.

      I’ll report back in a week or so.

    • Hi David, That’s an interesting challenge you have. From what I’ve seen, Shopp is pretty flexible at managing product variations. I hope it works for you—and thanks for the useful updates on your progress…

    • Initial impressions:

      Given that V1.2 is supposed to be released in ‘early December’, I’ve ignored 1.1.x and just headed straight for the latest beta of Shopp.

      Yep – by far the most flexible and powerful WP cart I’ve seen. The backend leaves all the other alternatives I considered out in the cold.

      The negative – at this stage – is all that power and no documentation. This is acknowledged in the beta release notes and promised ‘real soon now’. Obviously, If I had started with an earlier version, I assume the learning curve would be much easier.

      I’d definitely recommend every developer look at this cart as a development milestone.

      More in a week.

      David Wilks

    • Latest update – support:

      The ‘lack of support’ comments made here by others almost turned me away from this plugin. BUT, it had the functionality I needed so I decided to ‘take the plunge’. Maybe my experience is different but here it is:

      Saturday morning. A minor but annoying issue. Submitted support request at 10:59am. Message said support hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday with up to a 48 hour response time. Fair enough.

      At 11:23am ‘Chris’ responded with a solution. That’s 24 minutes, not 24 hours!

      For my money, I vote 10/10.

      David Wilks

    • More good news on Shopp…

      Firstly, V1.2 is close to final which is great because it really is an extraordinarily powerful cart. Nice to also see that the video tutorials have also been integrated into the beta version now.

      Secondly, I approached Shopp to try to get a new gateway coded and am very pleased to say it’s a happening thing! The payment service is called PoliPayments ( and is gaining massive traction here in Australia at least due to it’s very low cost structure.

      The bottom line is that I remain convinced that Shopp is head and shoulders above any other option for functionality while support continues to impress.

      Hope it helps.

    • HI David

      I am considering using shopp as well. I am pleased with their support so far, where as getshopped ignores emails.

      What are you using for a theme for your shopp site?

    • Hi Lynne,

      I’m using a custom theme but I tried 1.1.9 with a couple of other themes with no obvious issues. However, 1.2 beta has numerous display type bugs to I would tread carefully there.

      I’m clinging on to the edge of a cliff waiting for the pre-release of 1.2 which was due in mid-December :-( My challenge is that I can’t see the point of moving all our product to 1.1.9 this late in the game, especially when 1.2 is a true generational upgrade with potential backward compatibility issues.

      David Wilks

    • Another update…
      Shopp 1.2RC (Release Candidate) was issued a couple of weeks back but the bug count has been high enough to push back the final release even further. We are also having issues getting it to run properly on our WPMU site. Advice from Shopp is that it is either our install or a conflict with another plugin. Neither appear to be the case.

      Enter WPOnlineStore…
      This is a new kid on the block but it’s determined to be the neighbourhood champion. If you haven’t looked at it yet, I suggest you do. It is an amazingly full featured cart. It’s free if you only need simple payment gateways and shipping. To upgrade both is only $40 anyway and both the add-ons are super comprehensive.

      Tech support is as good as it gets – not only in terms of time but also quality of response. The developers will also get you set up for a very reasonable $45 but I don’t know the delay factor for that service. A day or a week???

      The site states (and credits confirm) that this is a WP implementation of the mega popular osCommerce cart. The developers even offer a migration service from osCommerce to WP so I have to assume it matches the original feature for feature. In fact, I had to question the developer to be certain that this really was a WP plugin. The functionailty is so high I suspected it simply used hacks to access an external cart. Not so – it writes to the WP db as we have confirmed for ourselves.

      If you’re just looking to sell T-Shirts, this plugin is an over-kill. But if you want to sell an entire range of clothing in every size and colour from multiple suppliers, this plugin can do it.

      We are doing our testing at present and I’ll report back on my final thoughts later this week.

      David Wilks

    • Barbara

      David, how did that testing for WPOnlineStore go for you?

  47. Thank you for compiling all of this info. It looks amazing (although I don’t understand alot of it :)
    I am a dance instructor who is creating content to sell from my site. I will be offering videos, books, an ebook, a DVD home study course, retreats and local classes. I also want to be able to capture people’s name and email when they come to my site in exchange for a free ebook download. Do all shopping carts have this capability? I am brand new to this stuff. I was looking at Is that a good one or are the ones you recommended better?
    Thank you for your help!

  48. James Clifford

    I am a singer-songwriter and I’m rewriting my website in wordpress (theme twenty-ten). I would like to offer the following features:
    – hear excerpts of my songs (I have about 50 at the moment)
    – download the songs as mp3 on a “pay what you like” basis (possibly with small minimum)
    – download the text with chords on a “pay what you like” basis (possibly with small minimum)
    – order CDs (I have 2 but do not intend to produce (m)any in the future)
    – shipping charge to add
    – payment methods: Downloads – paypal; CDs – prepayment or against invoice, (no credit cards) plus ability to record who has paid what

    I’d be very grateful if you could suggest plug-ins which might be suitable for this.



    • Hi James
      You should check out Wazala. Has everything you mentioned, and have gone the extra mile to adapt to music sales. The entire process is secure and nothing gets delivered until you get paid, either via PayPal, Google Checkout, and COD/invoicing/wire transfer. You can even do digital sales with invoicing, and once you state your received the money the download takes place. Very customizable in those ways, and allows for ala carte or full album sales.
      Works with any WP theme, as well as awesome support and the subscription is a low flat rate monthly fee.

    • Hi James,

      If I were you, I would check out the Genesis theme for WP E-Commerce Dan mentions in this comment thread. Using that, with the donation model in WP E-Commerce, you’d be able to have a great music website that would allow people to pay whatever they like.

  49. Hi,

    I really enjoyed the article. I was just looking a bit of advice of which plugin to use for my specific requirements (I’m thinking Shopp),

    I will be a bed company selling approx 100 products. I need widgets like Most Popular, Items on sale, Categories like different size beds etc etc,

    Which one do you think I should go with, I prefer one with a one off payment for the license and has good online support and documentation.

    Thanks for any help..

    • Hi Barry, Shopp is pretty good for what you described. It has plenty of useful widgets, doesn’t require a subscription to use, and has good support and documentation.

    • brendan

      currently evaluating options for a tee shirt shop

      can i ask why you guys went for wordpress and what shop you would recommend for retailing?

  50. This article was amazing– I’m wondering if anyone can help me with these specific needs:

    1) I use quickbooks as my credit card processor. So I’m looking for a shopping cart that is compatible with both wordpress and intuit merchant services. If that’s not possible, I’d appreciate any suggestions of other merchant accounts/gateways that are cost effective and integrate well with wordpress and quickbooks.

    2) I sell live and online screenwriting classes, so shipping isn’t a concern. But payment plans are. So I’m looking for a cart that allows students to easily choose between payment plans and pay full options, and which is good for delivering digital goods.

    3) I’m currently using woo themes “Bueno” theme and don’t really want to change my website’s theme. So I’m looking for a solution that will integrate well with my existing theme.

    4) I’m computer savvy, but have limited technical knowledge and am doing all my own programming. So I need something that I can figure out.

    I greatly appreciate any guidance you can give me.


    • Hi Jacob, Thanks for your kind words. Why don’t you check out Cart66? It is good for handling digital downloads as well as seamless integration with any theme. It does not work Intuit merchant solutions, as far as I know, but it integrates with many payment processors that allow you to export transaction data in QuickBooks format.

  51. Terry

    Thank you M.K. for the great info. Are you familiar with WP Online Store? I was thinking about it but hesitant because it seems quite new.

  52. Great article! am using cart66 for our online store. However, I would have wished that Jigoshop came earlier :( cart66, while being good, still lacks some things we users want, especially paying users =(

  53. rogaroga

    are jigoshop or woo-comerce working with wpml ?

  54. I’m the author of TurboCart.

    TurboCart is a robust hosted, light weight shopping cart solution designed for simple integration within your website. It runs in the Heroku cloud application platform for speed, scalability and reliability. The downloadable content is delivered via Amazon S3.

    At the moment i have a 60 day risk free trial to let people try it out

  55. Hey MK
    Just wanted to thank you for including us in this great list! Yes we do offer great support on digital product sales and offer some cool sampling capabilities for musicians selling music & merch in a single store. We also offer the pop up as an option, great coupon, shipping options and a mobile optimized store to name a few.
    Again thanks for the mention, much appreciated!
    Wazala Team

  56. Slackr

    Great post. Very helpful breaking the types down as you have.

    What would you recommend for this simple scenario: a website selling 1 book in both physical and electronic forms, using Paypal to process payments?

    It only really needs the Simple Paypal Shopping Cart, but if I want to secure the digital download or limit the amount of times it is downloaded then it doesn’t quite cut it. I’m not familiar enough with the likes of Amazon’s S3 service but I understand there is a way to automate access for purchased digital downloads and limit downloads.

    Sorry for being a noob to this stuff, like I said I appreciate your breakdown a lot. I just don’t want to use a mallet to kill a flea in this scenario, but I do want to be able to achieve all those things.

    • Most shopping cart plugins can do what you ask. But from your description, it sounds that you want something powerful and yet simpler than most shopping cart products out there. I suggest you try Cart66, even the free lite version of it. It handles both physical and downloadable products very well, and it’s easy to use.

  57. Katrina

    Hi, great review on WordPress eCommerce! I have a site up using Milky Way theme (, and was hoping you could please recommend how to best add an online store to it.

    Is it compatible with GetShopped or Shopp, or should I just make a separate online store and then link a page to that?

    Any help would be great!

    • Hi Katrina, That’s a nice looking theme!

      Shopping cart plugins are generally compatible with any WordPress theme. But some themes work better than others. And some shopping cart plugins have themes that were specifically designed for the plugin. GetShopped is very popular in that area.

      Cart66 integrates well with 3rd party, generic themes, such as Milky Way, because you can simply use shortcodes to embed stuff on pages–as explained on Cart66’s homepage.

    • Katrina

      Thanks much for the info! How about Shopp for this case, though? Just asking as it seems to be your top rated plug-in…

      Thanks again!

    • Shopp doesn’t have many tailored themes–in fact, it only has one. And if you wanna customize the appearance of store pages, you’ll have to read up on Shopp’s own templating system.

      That’s why for ease of integration with generic themes, I think Cart66 is great, and for a plugin with many custom themes, GetShopped is excellent!

    • Katrina

      Awesome, thanks much for the info!

    • Thanks for that MK, I’m quite proud of our footprint in the theme space – we’re investing heavily in E-Commerce specific themes.

      Stay tuned for our Genesis Music theme :)

  58. dtoolbox

    I am looking for a wordpress ecommerce plugin that can support an auto currency based to the customers ip address, which they can also reselect and saved it to their profile and set it as preferred currency. Currently it seems non of this plugins here have this feature.

    • Yeah, I have not seen this feature in any shopping cart plugin.

    • We helped write a Plugin called Multi Currency Magic but it didn’t to convert the rates automatically – it was a manual jobby. You had to add them manually in the Add Product page when you add the initial Price.

      I guess if you have a programmer at hand or are willing to commission the work to somebody then it would be easier to extend that Plugin then start from scratch. Just say’n.

      And heck when you consider the costs of pre WordPress E-Commerce it is still a bargain. Thanks to our innovative thought processes (first Plugin bonus points), once upon a time you would have been paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for e-Commerce as opposed to just hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars.

      Sometimes people forget that stuff – its a significant part of the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin history. Just say’n.

  59. Great info above!!

    A lot to take in with lots of options..

    Jigoshop looks interesting as does WP eCommerce. I have also read a bit about Shopify but I dont think this can be integrated.

    Can anyone help narrow things down a bit for me?

    I am building a site to sell physical CDs and band merch but also want to add downloadable content at a later stage. I need to be able to categorize products by Artist, Genre, Title and product type. We also need to be able to have discount coupons.

    Any heads up would be appreciated. I have used zen cart in the past but I am looking for something a can customize a little better with templates.



    • M.K.

      Ren, What specific obstacle have you run into while creating your store? GetShopped, Cart66, and Shopp can all meet the requirements you described. They all support downloadable products, physical products, and promotions. Shopp with its faceted category menus and flexible promotions management options may be best for your case.

    • Of course if you want to sell music and digital files in the long run then GetShopped is definitely the best choice (see our amazon modules and download status modules). Not only are we improving our category listing but we’re about to launch a specific music theme built using the Genesis framework.


    • Thanks guys for the feedback.
      I havent run into any specific obstacles there is just such an array out there it a lot to take in and I am looking to change from zen cart which is awesome for my other business but I want to be able to do more current templates.
      Dan is Get Shopped easily implemented into custom templates and is it able to satisfy my needs for the separate categories I mentioned?
      I probably should stop asking questions and just do it hey! There is just a lot of controversy about all of the e-commerce options.
      Aargh.. decisions decisions

    • Hi Renate. We are involved in a Genesis child theme right now that supports both digital and tangible goods – its mostly based around selling MP3 / Music files, but after I read your comment we decided to make it suitable for both, so if you are ok with MK sharing your email address to me personally then I’ll show you both a demo.

      We like Genesis because it is much faster then any of the other theme frameworks out there. We’re also going to get behind the project by writing more and more child themes over time.

    • Thanks Dan,
      for your interest and support! More than happy for MK to share my email and web address with you.
      It all sounds very interesting. Will it be just MP3 files or also AAC files for high quality downloads.
      There are a couple of templates that I have found on elegant themes that I love so it would be great to be able to incorporate it all.

    • dario marquez

      Hi, I:m building a shop now and need this ecact functionality … can you please guide me to relevant ;link — happy to have my email shared for this purpose .. thanks in advance!

    • zurrakapote

      “categorize products by Artist, Genre, Title and product type”
      With TheCartPress, In the “Manage taxonomies” menu you can make as many as you need: Artist, Genre, Title, Tags, Editor, etc
      And you have widgets to display the customized menus in your sidebars.

  60. Sammet

    Brilliant article!

    Pop-Up Shopping Carts

    I am looking for a shopping cart solution that lets the buyers add an item to a pop-up shopping cart overlayed on top of the page that they were shopping, offering them a “continue” shopping button, that close the overlayed pop-up, rather than taking them directly to a shopping cart page. See Lands End and Blair to see what I mean.

    The payment will be done off-line, so that’s no important. I will use a “Send a request” button instead of Check out or Buy now button

    I would be so grateful if anyone outhere could let me know if there is a WordPress shopping cart plugin that I can use to achieve this!



    • Hi Sammet.

      I’m pretty sure that some of the Store Front Themes themes, Tokokoo themes, or Splashing Pixel Themes would have this functionality. These theme companies make themes specifically for the WP e-Commerce Plugin available from GetShopped.


    • Hi Sammet, Most plugins are capable of this, but the issue lies in finding a theme that implements the presentation of the cart as a popup. So, checkout the theme resources that Dan posted.

      There’s Market Theme, which has this popup shopping cart feature as default.

      FatFreeCart also has this feature, but that lightweight plugin is designed to work with either PayPal or Google Checkout. You can’t accept payments manually.

  61. VBK

    Could any body share a plugin for Downloadable products? JigoShop is too limited in that perspective . I use the plugin on multi-site and it is not possible to use it for downloadable products on sub-sites

    The configuration and location of the downloadable products should be able to access by sub-site owners. Some plugins just have the option to upload the files to “public_html”. So that’s too critical to use on multi-site installations

    Thank you !

    • Hmmm what you want is quite specific which is good I suppose.

      I’m not sure if our Amazon S3 Plugin would serve the turn for your digital downloads requirements… but if it does then you could use that :)

    • VBK

      Dan ,

      Can you provide me a link to Amazon S3 Plugin

      Thank you!

    • You can find it here:

      Actually and funnily enough we’re not even using it ourselves because we’ve always thought of it as something for people with big media files, but at the end of the day its great for anybody that wants to distribute their server load off their webhost and over to Amazon.

      It definitely makes sense to use this Plugin imho.

  62. Mike

    Has anyone used Shopp or Cart66? I’m interested in how Shopp compares to Cart66. Many thanks.


    • M.K.

      Mike, This whole page and the links in it are intended to provide a comparison of the plugins. Click on the hyperlinked feature names in the comparison chart above, and you’ll see evaluations of the plugins one-by-one with regard to the clicked feature.

      I hope someone with real-world experience chimes in with their opinion, but if that doesn’t happen, and you have a specific question regarding the features of the plugins, let us know.

  63. Hello,

    Good post. I love Jigoshop! It would be the one to beat but it does not yet have suitable shipping calculators yet. I would use it in a heartbeat for a client that can live with their simple shipping scheme. I suspect they will roll out shipping modules that calculate actual costs for FedEx, UPS and USPS soon.

    I’ve given up on getshopped WP e-Commerce. I bought two gold cart licenses so I could simultaneously develop and deploy. I won’t grind an ax here, so suffice to say I gave it a fair shot. And a few years of my life. My preference, and advice to others, would be to use a different plugin, or even a non wordpress solution.

    I’ve decided to try shopp for now, since it has a FedEx shipping calculator module, and several other people have reviewed it favorably.

    • Josh

      I second the Jigoshop recommendation wholeheartedly. I’m building a site using this plugin and find it incredibly easy to develop with. Theming is simple (combination of files and hooks), code is clean and easy to read, and back-end is simple to use. It doesn’t do every little thing but it’s MUCH easier to work with than WP eCommerce/GetShopped, IMHO.

      The documentation is minimal at this point but you don’t need much if you’re good with PHP. I was also a little peeved they switched their support forums to paid out of the blue but I understand the motivation.

  64. Two awesome things are happening in the WP e-Commerce Plugin camp;

    1) New website launch over at GetShopped to make it easier to find our resources and get support – the site is still in phase 1 so please be patient with any quirks you may find :)

    2) Pop open a bottle folks! The WP e-Commerce Plugin is now “the” Multilingual E-Commerce option. We’ve been working with the WPML team for over a year now to make sure that the WP e-Commerce Plugin is the best option for people wanting to sell products to a global no borders world.

    • John

      Dan, with some respect, The WP e-Commerce has a few people who defend every criticism, but it is one frustrating plug-in, with the worst being any level of support. The developers are busy with their more profitable gaming software, it seems.

      I have tried to use The WP e-Commerce several times over the years because the sales rap is good. I tried it again as recently as yesterday. It totally crashed my site. Based on my WP experience, which is considerable, The WP e-Commerce plug in is not recommended.

    • The WP E-Commerce Plugin is the best Plugin most featured WordPress e-Commerce Plugin and will continue to get better. Full stop.

      @John – I have spent 8 years growing Instinct, and making cool things for the WordPress community, what have you done? Let me just put a couple of things straight.

      Instinct has two products. We have the WP e-Commerce Plugin, which is available from GetShopped and a Game Creator product that is not even launched – it is not at all profitable, and it does not turn a cent. The Game Creator has 2 full time staff and they are by no means related to the WP e-Commerce Plugin and they do not have any effect on the GetShopped Plugin.

      So basically you are blatantly lying to the readers of this site.

      If it simply didnt work like you say, then I’m pretty sure, Amir and the guys from WPML would not have spent a year making WP e-Commerce the best multilingual WordPress Shop Plugin on the market.

      The WP e-Commerce Plugin team has 3 full time staff in New Zealand, 1 lead developers based in Japan, and 1 paid contractor in Japan. We also have many contributors all around the world contributing to the WP e-Commerce Plugin eco system by means of writing language files or extending WP e-Commerce by creating their own Themes and Plugins.

      No other WordPress Plugin has the open source community like the WP e-Commerce Plugin. Whatever we’ve done wrong, we’re committed to fixing our Plugin and putting things right.

      WP e-Commerce Plugin is going to be around for ever and we will continue to invest in our eco system and the Plugin core.

    • VBk

      John ! you went for away . If you don’t like the plugin , you should have say it in a single line and need not behave rude

      A commenting system means a way to express opinion on the original topic or related to it. It doesn’t mean you have the chance to bash any one

  65. Mike

    Hello, we are building an e-commerce pet food site and we are in shopping cart hell right now; my God man . . . help.

    We are looking for a WP shopping cart plug-in that allows our online purchasers to have the option of conveniently establishing an automatic pet food delivery and automatic billing schedule, for instance every 30, 45, 60 days, etc, depending upon the schedule the purchaser establishes with us online. And we know that whatever schedule they establish, they will likely want to change it online at some point.

    We also want purchasers to have the ability to create an account and save their contact info and purchasing preferences for easy reordering when they return to the site.

    Can someone please prevent us from running with scissors here? We have been told that we need to use some membership or subscription program like Spreedly, which seems like overkill and something else to break. Authorize.Net offers a slick CIM solution that might work nicely with Cart66. Can anyone recommend a solution that works? Many thanks.


    • M.K.

      Mike, What you were told about using a membership solution is probably true because those solution focus on recurring and subscription payments. But I don’t see why you have to use a 3rd party such as Spreedly. You can use a WordPress membership plugin.

      Look into WPMU DEV Membership and s2Member–both of these plugins support Authorize.Net and have pretty good API in case you needed to hire someone to do a bit of customization.

    • Mike

      Thank you!

    • Ray

      I would strongly advice against using WPMU Dev for anything. They are a nasty company that spit in the face of originality, WordPress community, and Open Source spirit.

      This link shines light on the tip of the iceberg:

    • M.K.

      Hmmm, what’s happening here reminds me of this:

  66. ShopperPress 6.0 was released and it does so much more than the old version. I currently run several sites with it and love how easy it is to use.

  67. The main reason WP e-Commerce Plugin is successful is that many many many peoples are making a very decent living out of it. Not just the people setting up shopping cart sites and getting on with life – but also all the many Plugin developers and Theme developers.

    I think that people wanting to make a living in the WordPress e-Commerce eco system choose us because GetShopped have the largest Open Source community behind it and have the largest user base – why would a business make a theme for a Plugin that doesnt have many users or for a Plugin that didnt work. It doesnt make any business sense.

    On that note I’d like to welcome another third party solution to the WP e-Commerce Plugin world.

    OneSaas have made a WPEC exclusive Plugin that integrates the WP e-Commerce Plugin with the likes of Saasu or Xero for true RealTime Accounting and allows you to easily maintain up to date email marketing lists in your email marketing platform such as Campaign Monitor, MailChimp.

    Nice work guys!!

  68. Wayne

    Thanks for your article/reviews of WP shop plugins.

    I have to say that I’m really very surprised to see the GetShopped / WP e-Commerce so highly recommend. I’ll admit that it seems to have some great features and a very nice presentation. But, the implementation of the code and actual utility is terrible. I believe the only reason that this plugin has such a following is that it’s been downloaded at so many times. Anyone who is interested in that plugin should do their research. You’ll find that the documentation and support is sorely lacking, and that it has a terrible reputation among people who work with ecommerce. Base on what I’ve read and my own experience with it, I would not trust it as a solution for my ecommerce needs. Read the comments in this other WP shopping cart review for an example of its reputation:

    I’m going to look into the new Jigoshop. Seems promising.

    The Ecwid plugin seems like a very good solution for anyone who is okay with using a hosted service to run ecommerce. No worries about upgrades, styling, etc. However, you’ll not get the SEO benefit of having it on your own domain.

    While some of the “lightweight” plugins are great for what they do, they can be very frustrating to work with, and do not offer all the features that make running an ecommerce site easy and effective – especially if you have a lot of products. I’ve tried all of those.

    • M.K.

      I recommended GetShopped because it worked fine in my tests. Also because I read positive feedback about its latest iterations. The positive feedback came from people who acknowledged that the plugin used to be problematic.

      Yes, GetShopped does not have official support, but you can hire plenty of 3rd party support.

      Have you tried GetShopped lately, is it still buggy and flawed?

      (I’ll make sure to review and include Jigoshop soon, thanks a lot for the heads up and your comment!)

    • Wayne

      Still buggy and flawed? From the install and test I did – yes.
      The support site is minimal. The forus has tons of questions without any good response.
      The bad rep this product has is obvious to anyone willing to do the research.
      That the team is working to turn all that around is comendable – but they’ve got a big hole to did their way out of. Good luck.

    • Not fair. Waynes link is to an old 2010 article.

      There are still lots of comments floating around that are based on the old WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.7 release.

      In 2011 we released the new shiny 3.8.x release and it is boomtastic! It is loved by many of our users – and especially loved by all the Plugin and Theme businesses that build their businesses on top of it :)

      We also just released a new update and more can be read about it here:

    • For official WP e-Commerce Plugin / GetShopped support customers can find our team working here:

      We’re looking at improving our support site and systems asap. We just need to get our new site out the door first.

    • Wayne

      Boomtasitc! Right on dude. sounds like the same hype I’ve seen a lot of. Good luck with your product.

    • Typical. Pick on me for semantics as opposed to downloading the new WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8.5 and trying it out for yourself.

      Ron Paul did and their site kicks ass:

      WPEC FTW mate!

    • Wayne

      If by “typical” you mean a comment critical of your product, one that you have probably seen something like before – than I’m with you. Other than that, sorry you take it personally.

      My assessment and statements are all based on research and my own install and testing of ver. 3.8.4 (notice the date of my first comment is before you current release). Frankly, I’m not interested in it trying it again at this point. Best of luck.

    • Oh yeah the code in WP e-Commerce 3.8 is also very nice and the file structure is quite nice.

      For the 3.8 rebuild we recruited John James Jacoby who wrote the new bbPress Plugin and now works for Automattic.

      If you can’t trust his code then who’s code can you trust!

  69. Wow! Thank you! You just did most of my homework for me.

  70. [keyword removed]

    Hey M.K. Im interested in multisite e-commerce systems. Is market press the only one?

    • The WP e-Commerce Plugin works but we only support using sub domains not sub folders.

    • To be honest, I’m not sure why you’d want a multisite shopping cart, but I know that all of WPMU DEV’s plugins, such as MarketPress, are compatible with multisite.

      As Dan said, WP e-Commerce also works with multisite. I’ve also seen discussions online about using Cart66 on multisite, which seems to work.

  71. Nice article. I just wanted to add a few things to the GetShopped / WP e-Commerce Plugin that you missed:

    – Payment Methods. We also support, paystation, and payment express (PX Pay & PX Fusion), and last I looked there was a community made iDeal module as well.
    – Members Only Access (new 2011 model)
    – Group Deals Plugin
    – UPS & USPS shipping calculators
    – Fedex shipping calculator
    – Fully automated tax Plugin via

    Because WP e-Commerce has the biggest open source following we’re going to be spending some time this year refining our website to make collaboration better. We’re working with 3 different companies on this, each with different strengths to ensure that collaborators (plugin & theme devs) can support their users via a bbPress forum and we’re working to create a subversion repository that will allow developers to manage their premium gears – and it’ll kick ass for the users because they get support forums in one place and and they will get 1 click updates and installs.

    It is very exciting times for us at WP e-Commerce Plugin HQ and we’re looking forward to sharing!!

    The reason why Cart66 powers the schwag store is because WP e-Commerce Plugin 3.8 was in beta at the time and there was an issue with our Variations which has since be fixed. Jane urgently needed to launch their store before Christmas 2010 and our new version was not ready.

    Cart66 is definitely not as integrated with WordPress as the new 3.8 version of WP e-Commerce Pluign or Shopp Plugin. In terms of the schwag site – I guess you win some and you loose some.

    WP e-Commerce uses Custom Post Types for Products and has over 200 hooks and filters now (last count), Shopp is around the same, and Cart66 has something like 2 with more planned.

  72. vbk

    There is another plugin zingiri web shop. Automated pages with icons and good style is it’s specialty. The developer is also active on their support forum.

    But it doesn’t support MultiSite at all.

    I wonder this plugin ‘s not mentioned in the article

    • M.K.

      Zingiri Web Shop seems like a great plugin. I also find it interesting that not only does it integrate with WordPress, but also with Joomla and Drupal.

      I guess I missed it when I was researching WordPress shopping carts, so thanks for mentioning it — I’ll include it in the list above later on!

      What category do you think it’ll fit under, plugins, hybrids, lightweight, or 3rd party integration?

    • VBK

      M.K. ,
      Thanks for considering my request !

      ‘Hybrids’ or ‘Light-weight’ sections doesn’t fit for ‘Zingiri WebShop’ because of it’s advanced features,Interface and Integration style.

      You cannot list it under ‘3rd party integration’ as it is not an Hosted ( on External Services) application

      So ‘Plugins’ would be the right section. Please do a research about MultiSite support before proceeding. Because it has some previous problems with the installation type

      Thank you!

    • M.K.

      Great — I’ll keep that in mind when I review it!

  73. rogaroga

    hello and thank you for this deep review.
    i would be intersted to have your advice (or review) about a few other plugin like :
    wordpress estore

    • vbk

      I like JigoPress because of it’s look and simplicity . Despite of it’s simplicity, it covered major features.

    • M.K.

      Hi rogaroga, Thanks for your comment!

      I didn’t include WordPress eStore because it’s mainly for selling digital goods, so it’s not a complete shopping cart. I was debating whether I should include in the membership plugin section or something…not sure.

      And Jigoshop, the beta version only launched last week. When I published this page, it wasn’t live, yet. I’ll make sure to include an in depth review of Jigoshop later.

      As for TheCartPress, I did install it and try it out, but it was unintuitive, the documentation was difficult to read and understand, and it felt like an unfinished product overall, so I thought I’d rather wait until the next release before I list it.

      Really appreciate your question, thanks!

    • VBK

      M.K. ,

      I do know about TheCartPress. It seems that the developers created it concentrating on their local region. And I guess the it has nothing special than other plugins

      JigoShop has two active developers( and ). I hope they on their way to improve the plugin . I advise you to contact them before adding it here. They can give some details on upcoming release and features which can help your article.

      Thanks !

  74. Gardar

    I just got a great WP plugin called WP-InstantPay. It uses PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API, combined with WordPress’ API, It’s a complete sales processing and order fulfillment system with affiliate program settings, coupon codes, equity partners and more.

  75. Try the storepress , wordpress ecommerce theme:

  76. I’ve heard lots of great stuff about PHPPurchase. I think they changed their name, too (good idea..). Anyway, some very smart developers have recommended it to me… Sounds like it’s powerful and well-made, but also takes more time to configure. The other one I’d heard highly praised was Shopp.

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