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updated by MizagornMarch 3, 2015
by M. K. SafiDecember 27, 2010

First, let’s make something clear. Amazon stores with WordPress are built with plugins, not with themes. You cannot build an Amazon store without a plugin. On the other hand, any WordPress theme can be used to display products from Amazon.

Additionally, every WordPress Amazon plugin can work with any WordPress theme. The products that are created with Amazon plugins are displayed on your WordPress site just like posts. But instead of post title you see Amazon product title, instead of post content you see product description, instead of post image you get product image. It’s that simple — so, any WordPress theme will work.


Most WordPress themes are created for bloggers, not Amazon affiliate stores. So, even though you can use just about any WordPress theme for your Amazon store, some themes (combined with Amazon plugins) will make your affiliate store look more like a proper store and not like a blog that has products instead of posts. And that’s what I’ll talk about here: how to choose a great WordPress theme for your Amazon store.

When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon knows best. So, when you create your Amazon affiliate store, why not imitate the layout and design that’s already working for

Here’s the layout of Amazon’s front page:

Amazon Storefront

Amazon Storefront


Let’s take a few notes of this layout. See how there is one featured product at the top center of the design. Your store should have a similar spot for your best selling product. Below the featured product there are two rows of items. The sidebar has some special offers, discounts, and ads.

Because this is the layout of, we know that this is the layout that a proper Amazon store should use.

Now let’s take a look at the layout of an Amazon store using a typical WordPress blog theme:

Bad Example of Amazon Affiliate Store

Bad Example of Amazon Affiliate Store


This layout can be described in two words: it sux. This is how most WordPress themes look like, so if you’re just gonna use any theme, your website will end up looking like the suxy picture above.

Magazine Themes Are Great for Amazon Affiliate Stores

If you want your WordPress-based Amazon store to look proper and have a layout that will increase sales and conversion, consider using magazine themes for WordPress. There are plenty of them out there.

For example, I used the free Magazine Basic theme in building a complete Amazon store using free solutions. Here’s a screenshot of the final store:

WordPress Amazon Affiliate Store

WordPress Amazon Affiliate Store


Okay — it’s not the most awesome looking Amazon store in the world, but, hey, it’s still much better than the blog-like store above, and it’s using a free theme.

Alternatively, if assembling an amazon store with a traditional magazine theme sounds too complex (too much fun!), you can check out these premium Amazon themes specially designed for selling Amazon products

WP Zoner

WP Zoner Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

WP Zoner Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Download WP Zoner here >>

Azon Profit Store

Azon Profit Store Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Azon Profit Store Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme


Download Azon Profit Store here >>

Tips for Configuring a WordPress Amazon Store Theme

By default WordPress themes always show Post date and Post author in each post page. While this information is useful for a blog, it is not useful for an Amazon store. Most newer themes, however, will let you hide this information by adjusting the theme’s settings in the admin panel.

Also the default WordPress widgets in the sidebar are tags, archives, calendar, blog roll, and stuff like that — none of which is useful for an Amazon store. Make sure that you replace all of these widgets with useful shopping widgets that increase the conversion of your store. Amazon WordPress plugins for creating stores have their own powerful widgets. Use those.

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