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ReviewAZON Review and Comparison

ReviewAZON Review and Comparison

updated by MizagornMarch 6, 2015
by M. K. SafiDecember 19, 2010

ReviewAZON is probably the first WordPress plugin created for Amazon associates. For a long time now, the plugin has been continually updated and its users have been given the support they needed to create profitable Amazon affiliate stores with WordPress. So, it is no wonder that ReviewAZON continues to maintain its popularity and #1 status up to this date.

Ease of Use and Installation

Apart from having to create an images folder in the root directory of your WordPress site, installing ReviewAZON is as simple as installing other WordPress plugins. Just upload ReviewAZON’s folder to the plugins directory and activate it! You don’t have to deal with encrypted files or anything of that sort.

ReviewAZON’s menus and screens feel professional. They use nice icons, sensible labels, and intuitive layouts. Here are screenshots of two ReviewAZON’s screens:

Demo image

View this screenshot in a full window

Demo image

View this screenshot in a full window

Support and Documentation

Because ReviewAZON is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, it is backed by a large, helpful user-base that is accessible at many of the WordPress forums around the web. But the author of ReviewAZON doesn’t leave his users support up to the generosity of the community. ReviewAZON ships with the most detailed and helpful PDF user manual and a valid license grants you access to dedicated forums for:

  • support
  • feature requests
  • tips and tricks
  • modifying templates
  • updated files
  • video tutorials

Search and Bulk Import

ReviewAZON’s search form is very user-friendly. You simply specify an Amazon category, sorting criteria, and a search keyword, then the plugin will retrieve a list of matching products from You can now click Add Review next to items that you want to add to the bulk import queue. Also, if you would like to add a single specific product to your queue, you can enter ASIN instead of a search keyword.


Automatic Scheduled Product Posting

The scheduled posting feature of ReviewAZON is very flexible. You can set the date and time at which products can be posted in bulk, or you can set a posting interval. Or, if you prefer, you can tell ReviewAZON to randomize the posting times.

You can also specify the Amazon associate ID, the WordPress username, and the category under which the bulk posts will be made.


Inline Single Product Import

ReviewAZON supports adding a single Amazon product to a WordPress post, and it’s simple. Go to the edit page of WordPress, click Single In-line Product Display, search for the product, click Add Single Review and the plugin will add the needed shortcode to your post area. That’s it.

Just like the other features of ReviewAZON, this one is intuitive and pretty straightforward.

Template Support

ReviewAZON uses HTML templates to display imported Amazon products. The way templates work is sufficiently documented in the included user-manual. There is also a dedicated support forum for template modification. So, you’ll be able to modify the layout of your Amazon store in anyway you like.

3rd Party Plugin Integration

ReviewAZON can integrate with phpBay, PhpOStock, and YouTube videos out of the box. All you have to do is tell ReviewAZON to insert the plugin’s shortcode when it creates your WordPress posts. Enabling 3rd party integration in ReviewAZON will also allow you to adjust where they are displayed by modifying the templates.

Sidebar Widgets

The sidebar widgets of ReviewAZON are really useful. Here are the available ReviewAZON widgets:

eBay Auctions

If you use phpBay, you can have ReviewAZON talk to phpBay and get a list of eBay auctions relevant to your Amazon product and display them in the sidebar.

Product Accessories

This widget allows you to display Amazon’s product accessories recommendations for the Amazon product that your visitor is currently viewing.

Similar Products

This widget displays Amazon’s similar products recommendation for the Amazon product that your visitor is currently viewing.

If you have a list of products in your store that you think will convert best, you can add them to a WordPress category, then specify the category ID in this widget and it will display a list of those products in your sidebar.

Brand Widget

This widget helps you display a list of all the product brands in your Amazon store.

Price Range

With this widget you can create price ranges of products in your store, and when a user clicks on a price range, they’ll see a list of products that fall within that price range.


ReviewAZON supports caching in a way that complies with Amazon terms and policies. You can store Amazon’s content locally for up to 23 hours. The caching settings are as simple as could be. All you have to do is set the cache expiration time.

Click Reporting

ReviewAZON’s click reporting is pretty sophisticated. You can view a brief click report that shows you the number of clicks and the product name and image. Or you can view a detailed report per product that shows you the IPs of those who clicked on your product and the date of the click.

SEO Options

ReviewAZON covers the basic SEO options. You can enable SEO, user-friendly links, which are much shorter and more readable than Amazon default associate links. You can have ReviewAZON rewrite product image URLs to make them appear as if they came from your own site. And finally, you can prefix your URLs with a custom keyword to increase the significance of that keyword in your website.

Pricing, Licensing, and Refund Policy

There is only one license option for ReviewAZON. The license allows you to install the script on as many sites you own as you like. You cannot transfer or sell the license to anyone. If you want to sell your ReviewAZON-powered website in the future, your buyer will have to buy his own license.

ReviewAZON is backed by a 30-days money back guarantee, so you can buy risk free!

To check out the price for ReviewAZON or to download it, click here >>

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