The Best WordPress Amazon Plugin

This page contains all the available Amazon plugins for WordPress — there are over 50 plugins! The plugins fall under two main categories:

I have also come across some plugins that are no longer maintained, broken, or simply bad. For the sake of completeness, I have included those too at the bottom and without a description.

Amazon Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

Actually, even though I say these plugins are for affiliate marketers, the truth is every Amazon associate who uses WordPress can benefit from them. These plugins can help you create a full Amazon associate store or simply insert Amazon products within your existing blog posts.

Compare the Best Three Amazon WordPress Plugins

If the comparison criteria seem confusing to you, check out this explanation of Amazon plugins features. If you want more details about the plugins and understand why I gave them the ratings I did, read the individual reviews for each one by clicking on the the plugin’s name.

ReviewAZON WP Zon Builder phpZon
Ease of Use and Installation
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Requires one time setup tasks
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Requires one time setup tasks
  • Includes encrypted source code
  • As easy as it gets!
Support and Documentation
  • Detailed user manual
  • Support forums
  • Large community
  • Video tutorials
  • Developer email
  • Inline documentation
  • Some video tutorials
  • Detailed user manual
  • Support forum
Search and Bulk Import ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★½☆
Automatic Posting Yes Yes No
Inline Single Product Import Yes Yes Yes
Template Support ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★★
3rd Party Integration No
Sidebar Widgets Yes Yes Yes
Caching Yes Yes Yes
Click Reporting ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ No
SEO Options ★★★★☆ ★★★★★ ★★★½☆
Unconditional Refund Period 30 days 30 days 7 days
License Details Multi installs for owner Multi installs for owner Multi installs for owner
Price Click to find out! Click to find out! Click to find out!

List of All Amazon WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketers

ReviewAZON is the most popular WordPress plugin for creating complete Amazon associate stores. It is backed by great support and documentation and has a full feature set. Download»»

WP Zon Builder has unique features that no other WordPress plugin for Amazon has. That’s in addition to covering all the required basics. Download»»

phpZon approaches Amazon store building in a light and efficient manner. While it may not be suitable for mass producing small niche sites, it’s very good at building fine-tuned high quality Amazon stores. Download»»

ShopperPress isn’t just another WordPress plugin for Amazon. This is a fully featured, powerful plugin that can transform WordPress into an ecommerce site, and can also run a full Amazon affiliate store! Download»»

WP AmaNiche is one of the most affordable Amazon plugins, but don’t let its low price tag trick you, it covers most of the basic requirements for a WordPress Amazon plugin and then some. Download»»

WP Robot is a very popular autoblogging plugin. You can specify a keyword and the plugin will look for matching products from Amazon and will make blog posts based on those matching products. Download»»

Datafeedr is not just an Amazon WordPress plugin, but a subscription service that allows you to pull affiliate products from over 28 affiliate networks and over 10,000 merchants. It can schedule post products and mass import products. Download»»

Other Amazon WordPress plugins for affiliate marketers:

Here are a few more plugins for Amazon affiliates that don’t really differentiate themselves in any special way from the better plugins above. Let me know if you think differently: Auto eStore, Amazon Import Plugin, PlugAzon, and Ads Plugin.

Amazon Plugins for Bloggers

Unlike the plugins listed above, these aren’t intended for building a complete Amazon store (even though it is possible). The listed plugins below were made for bloggers who wish to monetize their content by displaying Amazon products alongside blog posts.

Before you jump into the list of plugins below, I want to tell you why there are so many redundant and useless copycat Amazon plugins on a lot of plugin developers want to cash in on Amazon Associates program, so they employ various tactics to monetize their plugins. For example, if you forget to insert your Amazon associate ID, the plugin’s author will use his own. Or they will insert their associate ID for X% of your impressions. This attractive money-making opportunity is what draws developers to Amazon plugins. After awhile the developer may lose interest in the plugin and ditch it.

So, I have categorized the plugins here into three categories: the best, the rest, and the broken.

The Best Amazon Plugins for Bloggers

These two plugins do pretty much everything you’d want from an Amazon WordPress plugin for bloggers.

WordPress-Amazon-Associate (WAA)

WAA is THE plugin for any WordPress blogger who wants to monetize his content via Amazon associates program. It can insert Amazon widgets, embed Amazon associate ID in non-affiliate links, easily link to Amazon products, provide overlay product preview when your visitor hovers over Amazon links, localize affiliate links to the relevant Amazon country, and more. Check it out!

Amazon Product In a Post (Amazon PIP)

Amazon PIP can import product data (i.e. image, description, price, rating, etc) from Amazon and display it on your blog. This is the free plugin I used in building an Amazon store. Check it out here.

The Rest of Amazon WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Amazon Product Data Import Plugins

The following plugins import product image, price, description, etc from and display the data on your blog. They link back to Amazon with your affiliate link. Before using any of these plugins, I recommend that you first check out Amazon PIP. If that doesn’t suit you, then go right ahead with one of these:

These plugins scan your content for existing Amazon links that don’t have affiliate ID embedded and they embed your affiliate ID in the link. This feature already exists in the recommended WAA plugin.

Amazon Widgets Plugins

These plugins can assist you in inserting Amazon widgets in WordPress. However, I recommend that you use WAA plugin instead of these plugins.

WordPress Sidebar Amazon Ads

You can use one of the following plugins to display Amazon ads in your WordPress sidebar

Broken, Abandoned, or Simply Bad Amazon Plugins

I tried not to skip any plugin, but the ones below were either abandoned, incomplete, broken, or just bad. You can check them out if the plugins above don’t meet your requirements. With a bit of fixing and tweaking, you might get some of these to work for you:

Amazon Reloaded, Amazon Machine Tags, Amazon SmartLinks Widget, WP-Amazon-Carousel, Amazon Media Manager, Amazon Associate Filter, Amazon Widgets Shortcodes, Amazon Search, Price Watch for Amazon, Sortable Amazon Wishlist, WP Amazon Ads, Amazonify, Sustoo Amazon Discount Finder, Amazon Einzeltitlelinks, Amazon Context Ads, WP-Amazon-MP3-Widget, Amazon Store plugin for WordPress, Amazon Niche Store, Keral Patel Amazon, AVH Amazon, AzLite, Amazon Wishlist, Amazon Plugin, Wel!Amazon Ads, Amazon Associates Wishlist, AZ-One, Amazon Book Picture from ASIN

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  1. As amazon and WP get bigger and bigger this is a great list of amazon plugins. I am going for WP Zon Builder now thanks for your research help

  2. Please consider including “Amazon Product Feeder” WordPress plugin in your list. It is free and simple plugin, which pulls amazon product data using RSS feed.

    Link to plugin:

    Thank you.


  3. wordpresslover

    many many thanks for the great overview. I really love this place. You provide big big knowledge assets on a single place.

    Keep on doing like that.
    BTW – what are the updates on the Amazon-Wordpress-Plugins!?

  4. I use only easyazon plugin to add amazon links, images and other call to action box and buttons to my sites. It is my favorite plugin for adding amazon links.
    If you want to make money from amazon affiliate program then you should try at least once this plugin.

    I have used many other free plugins but it is the best. I have written whole review of it.

  5. ShopperPress is not a plugin but a Theme.
    Great for physical and eigital products and to Amazon’s affiliates.

  6. Great information ! The comprehensive review is a really a boon for those trying to locate the best Amazon store builder as otherwise we would need to spent a lot of time trying to find the best. Between Review Azon and ShopperPress which should I go for ?

  7. Thanks for the list. I have used Wp Zon Builder and found that to be pretty good.

  8. Amazing review of Amazon plugins. I have decided to use Amazon WP AmaNiche right now. Thanks for the post.

  9. Hi. I have been trying to look at the WAA plug in which you highly recommend but it seems that it doesn’t exist any more when I click on the link.
    Which other would you recommend instead?


  10. I found that EasyAzon is pretty good for making amazon affiliate links in wordpress, works very quickly and easily, you get to search through products, or enter their ASIN then your ready to roll :D

  11. Hi

    I am looking at adding 2 pages on my website to sell health and fitness products and travel products what plugin can you recommend for this ? Thanks

  12. I used WP Zon Builder for one of my website.It’s easy to install and yes it’s easy to use :)
    Just put your keyword or Amazon node and you’ll get the list of the products ;)

  13. David

    I wanted to add this Amazon Plugin to your list:

    It enables you to create a whole Amazon Shop on your Blog without mixing it up with your blogposts, because it delivers an own post type and much more.

    Would be happy, if you would have a look.

  14. Which Amazon plugin (auto-posting) (niche sites) is overall the best, #1 hands down according to you, regardless of price…..just considering available functions, ability to customize site, general aspects which are both necessary/important, help with design & ease of use without any crazy setup?
    Someone said WP Robot is best ……. But new things out all the time!

    Is Review Azon one which actually imports Real reviews from Amazon?

    Anyone used Shopper Press? Or other plugins they make? Was looking at one other day, I like that it’s managed online in their system & although not cheap, they seem like good product….just curious. ;)

    Thanks guys!

    Great blog, will be following!

  15. nev

    You have two categories here – “Plugins for Internet and affiliate marketers” and “Plugins for bloggers and content publishers”.

    Which would be appropriate for a “shop” section of a website that has lots of other non-WordPress content? (The “shop” section could be a directory with the entire WordPress installation contained in it, or not.)

    • AlanFlam

      If the “shop” section will have mostly amazon products than go with .

  16. Great review! I am just taking baby steps into the blogging world and this was very helpful. However I can’t seem to find a plug in that will just let me put a straight simple book cover into my blog linking back to my amazon assiocates account. Without a boarder, pricing ect.. Any suggestions would be great!

  17. Namzar

    hi everyone,

    i need your opinion/suggestion.
    i am trying to build an Amazon affiliate website, with automated customer management system; where:
    – i could track the customer and its Amazon purchases,
    – then i am planning to give them rebate on every purchases they made on amazon
    – and so the customer would know how much rebate fund they’ve earned from their purchases.

    is it possible with any of the mentioned plugin2 above? thanks in advance for your advice.

  18. Thank you for these great reviews. I was searching on an Amazon plugin and certainly your post cleared some issues. I did purchase ReviewAzon a while back but never used it. I will test it now after reading the reviews.


  19. I have been using wordpress for a few months trying to learn how to make money online, after reading this post I went out an purchased ReviewAZON, and I must say WOW!!! I have not tried the other plugins that were reviewed but this plugin is awesome. Straight out of the box the setup was easy. With just a little playing with it and reading some of the documentation I was able to start posting products. I had a little trouble with title tags, but posted a topic on their support forum, got an answer straight away that fixed me right up. I love being able to schedule posts out and search though the product queues…

    Thanks for the excellent and informative articles you post, they have helped me out tremendously!!!


  20. John

    WP Robot is the best Amazon plugin, review azon and WPZon builder are also good, but nothing beats WP robot for automatically adding new products without memory overload. Just wish there was a shopping cart plugin for this plugin. The ExtendAzon has trouble with showing the lowest price on amazon and can not be used.

  21. Subbu

    Hi M.K,
    Any updates on the current state of these autoblog amazon plugins?

    • M. K.

      Hi Subbu, There definitely are some changes in this area of WordPress plugins. I’m working my way through updating old content and will get to this one soon, hopefully. Stay tuned! Thanks!

  22. Thanks for the great reviews data. I just bought ReviewAzon. Wish me luck. :)


  23. Follow-up bud, will these plugins work with and other amazon subsidiary affiliate programs as well?

  24. MK, does your rating still stand as it is in 2011/2012? Have these plug-ins gone through updates that made their rankings change?


    • Hi Dave, I think ReviewAZON and WP Zon Builder are still the top plugins for Amazon. I would just remove phpZon and replace it with ShopperPress. I’ve also been hearing some talk about Easy Azon but I was a bit underwhelmed when I looked into it—it’s like the free Amazon PIP, from what I understand.

  25. Great list. I would suggest WP Zone Builder, a cool and very cheap wordpress amazon plugin.

  26. M.K. Thanks for this valuable information. One question. What about duplicate content or non original content information being pulled from Amazon to a blog. Isn’t duplicate and non original content going to affect SEO rankings? How does someone avoid this if using one of these plugins? Thanks

    • M.K.

      Hi andy,

      I’m no SEO expert, but here’s how I look at it: if I were Google, I’d want to provide the best experience possible to my users. That’s why I would not clutter the first page of results by displaying the same content 10 times.

      If you simply pull content from Amazon and display it without any modification, you’re not really adding any value or providing anything unique, useful or different. One should at least try to re-group Amazon items in a meaningful way that Amazon itself has overlooked. And preferably, try to create new content and insight around what you display from Amazon.

  27. hi there,
    thank you for posting such detailed information.
    What about wp associate plugin?

    I`ve purchased it, but it doesn’t work (I’ve emailed support – no answer) is it also abandoned? Should I ask for money back?

    Here’s the link to my site:
    when you click on the product it takes you to the description but there’s no buy now button it’s like dead end.
    I can’t arrange the products 3 in a row like the menu indicates.

    Do i have to use their theme or just install plugin?

    Apologies for so many questions, but I can’t find answers anywhere on the web.
    Thanks for your help :)

  28. Thank you. Your site is very informative for me. I would like to ask you about the shopperpress. I am trying the shopperpress and chose “Amazon with shopping cart”. I try add to cart and the cart is calculated in the price of product correctly. But finally when i check out, the check out page said “You have no items in your shopping basket”. So Do you know what is the main cause of this problem?

    • No, I actually have no idea why this is happening to you. It’s best you contact ShopperPress support directly.

  29. ReviewAZON looks like a no brainer, thanks for the comparison, it was great, very easy to read and a list of even more plugins to boot, thanks for this.

  30. Amazon PIP is the plugin that works best for me. Thank you for this helpful article!

  31. tocwatt

    Thanks for the good information. I’m looking for a best plugin of wp for my site. This is a helpful information.

  32. jonassolo

    Concerning the above recommended plugin AmazonPress you shall read this article >>


    • Hi jonassolo, Thanks for your comment. I haven’t actually tried AmazonPress, and I’m not recommending it above. I’m merely listing it as one of the available solutions. Whether it is listed here or not, doesn’t really change the substance of this page. So, I’ll go ahead and remove it for you.

  33. Thank you for informing us that developers hide their amazon id inside and may be stealing commissions from us! I had no idea.

    Thank you also for this helpful and informative listing and review of features.

    • @The Nerdy Nurse, @M.K. @jonassolo

      Just a note regarding AmazonPress and current status/version 9.1.1.

      There is 2 versions out there called AmazonPress.
      First one was based on Warkiors – AmazonFeed. Developers of that one removed all GPL notices added their own copyrights etc., hide the TIP function in admin. and tried to sell it under Amazonpres.cxx

      I thought the plugin was nice, but discovered that it was based on another plugin. Unfortunately Warkiors version was not being updated.
      So I decided to fix it for the new Amazon stores available. I reduced the tip level to 20%. GPL is kept and credits to Warkior remains as original developer.

      As the AmazonPress name was available in the repository I grabbed it before the above mentioned “developers/thieves” claimed it.
      Their plugin name in repository became/was “amazonpress-wordpress-plugin” seems they are now out from there.

      My version is now up to 9.1.1 with latest Amazon API of 2012-06-01 and can handle all amazon stores, pulling products from even CN and Japan based on tags/categories you have in posts.

      For those who want to try this version:

      Tom Makela

  34. Anonymous

    Can you detail a bit more about the differences in template support between the three products? I’ve never used any of them (although I am affiliated with a product in a similar market – its a WordPress plugin) and I’m curious what you see the differences as?

    • Are you asking how well the plugins integrate with pre-existing WordPress themes — or are you interested in the appearance of the ad blocks that the plugins make?

    • Anonymous

      I’m just interested in why you listed WP Zon Builder as 4 stars on template integration and the other’s 5 stars. What does ReviewAZON do better?

    • WP Zon Builder is a great WordPress Amazon plugin, no question about it. The only reason I gave it a lower rating for template support is because of I felt the documentation was a little lacking in that regard.

      Having said that, I think both ReviewAZON and WP Zon Builder can accomplish the same things as far as template integration.

    • Anonymous

      Awesome. Thanks for letting me know. How about the SEO options in ReviewAZON? What’s missing there?

    • WP Zon Builder has great SEO options, like boldening certain keywords, integrating with All-in-One SEO plugin, and opening Amazon links in a new window. ReviewAZON, on the other hand, doesn’t have any of those options. That’s why it has lower rating.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks M.K. Love your site, love your responsiveness too. I actually bought them both, figuring I could probably ask for a refund for the one I didn’t like. I’m going to leave my opinion here, but in simple form its that WP Zon Builder is way better. I played with ReviewAZON’s new “2.0” or “Pro” build, and its confusing, complicated and slow. Buttons were grayed out when you didn’t expect them to be, adding products en masse was almost impossible and when it did work it created posts that were a bunch of headers and no content most of the time. I’m pretty unimpressed with it. I’ve emailed the owner to make sure I’m not just missing anything.

      Zon Builder I bought it and I was up and running. It’s slow too. It took probably 30 minutes to import 200 products, but it was “set it and forget it”. The UI is fairly fast, and its somewhat more straight forward — you have to add items to a queue, then go to a Create Posts page where you turn that queue in to posts; contrast this with the ReviewAZON 2 UI where you have to open a new window with ReviewAZON in it, scroll down a list of options to find one little one called “Products Post Queue” which then opens another full screen window that allows you to search — sort of — for products.

      I haven’t got a chance to play with the SEO options you mentioned, or really any of the more complex template stuff (although I see Zon Builder has HTML template files, they look a bit confusing, as there’s about a dozen of them and they’re poorly named) but I did notice ReviewAZON 2 has a All In One SEO integration option. I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t work though.

      In summary after playing with ‘em both, of the two, Zon Builder is my choice. It seems to be much more “get some work done” than ReviewAZON. I honestly can’t see myself choosing ReviewAZON over Zon Builder for any sites I’m about to go build.

  35. Ryan

    Really comprehensive review. I just started building a few sites with amazon associates added to them so I appreciate this.


  36. Simply amazing list and review on Amazon plugins. Well I have decided to use Amazon PIP right now. Thanks for share.

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