How to Build an Amazon Store with WordPress for FREE

Plenty of commercial solutions were made to help automate and alleviate the common challenges that Amazon affiliates face. But there are also basic free solutions that can provide you with similar conveniences.

Most of the commercial solutions out there are focused on automation and mass website production. Automation is good, and I certainly will NOT talk about free alternatives that are too tedious that they are impractical.

I will show you the way to build an Amazon niche store using free tools. These tools will, granted, give you a little less automation but in return you’ll have a lot more control to fine tune your Amazon store.

If you plan on mass producing low quality sites, this guide may not be for you.

If, on the other hand, you’re willing to put in a little effort in optimizing your websites to get them to rank higher in search engines and provide some value to the reader, this guide is just what you need.

This guide will not require you to pay for services or 3rd party software, but I assume that you already have a working and fresh WordPress installation and the recommended WordPress hosting. These are the bare minimums.

So, let’s get started…

How Amazon Products Will Appear on Your Online Store

You may be wondering, how will a blogging script turn into an Amazon store that looks like a an e-commerce site? Basically, WordPress is so advanced, it is more than a simple blogging script. It indeed can power an Amazon store easily.

The most dynamic and flexible way to insert Amazon products into your WordPress site is to create an individual post for each product. Posts are the building blocks of a WordPress site. They can be structured and arranged in an infinite number of ways.

Your Amazon products, inserted as posts, can then be arranged in a grid, sorted by any criteria, searched, added to a shopping cart, or everything else.

The theme you choose for your site determines how your products are displayed. And your choice of theme should match the nature of your store. For example, if I create an Amazon store for “office chairs”, I’m gonna need a professional theme that doesn’t use bright, contrasting colors.

To give you an idea of what we’re about to do, here’s how the final website will look like:


We’ll start by installing some essential free WordPress plugins and making some necessary configurations.

Essential WordPress Configurations and Plugins

First, enable Akismet to murder comment spammers. Then configure WordPress permalinks to make them more search engine friendly and easier to remember for your visitors. I recommend that you use /%category%/%postname%/ for the Custom Structure tags.

Now it’s time to install the essential plugins for our Amazon store.

The following plugins add a lot of convenience and value to WordPress. Here they are:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast: this plugin will create an XML sitemap for your website that will submit all of your store’s pages to Google and other search engines. It’ll also allow you to adjust your store’s HTML to make it more search engine friendly. Additionally, it has the option to remove the “category” word from the URLs that point to categories. URLs of category pages in WordPress look like With this plugin, we can have the URLs of category pages look like It’s more SEO friendly.
  • Google Analytics for WordPress: facilitates Google Analytics integration with your WordPress based Amazon store

Visit the plugin pages that I linked to above and configure the plugins to your liking then let’s move on.

Choosing an Amazon Store Theme

I have another brief guide specifically for WordPress Amazon themes. Read that to learn more about choosing a proper theme.

For this guide, I want a toned down, professional theme…It also has to be free. So, I think Magazine Basic is an appropriate choice for my Comfortable Office Chairs website.

Magazine Basic also has a bunch of options that are useful for my Amazon store. It let’s me remove date published and author from posts. That’s good because this information is only useful for blogs — not for Amazon stores.

Before adjusting any settings and adding any content, my online store bare bones look like this:


Now it’s time to fill up my Amazon store with content and make it exciting!

Adding Amazon Products to the Store

We first have to think about the structure of our store, think about the categories and the organization of products. So, let’s first create new categories in WordPress to which we can add our products.

I’ll simply go to Google’s Keyword Tool to find key phrases with easy competition and I’ll use those for my category names. You can also use Market Samurai for keyword research and other SEO related research. So, the key phrases I selected are:

  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Luxury Chairs
  • Anti/Zero Gravity Chairs
  • Leather Computer Chairs
  • Reclining Chairs
  • Cheap Chairs
  • Kneeling Chairs
  • White Chairs
  • Saddle Chairs

So, I’ll create corresponding categories in my WordPress Amazon store.

Before we start searching Amazon for products to add to our store, let’s talk about the main plugin with which we’re gonna connect WordPress with Amazon.

Amazon Product In a Post

Amazon Product In a Post is the name of the excellent plugin that we’ll use. Let’s call it Amazon PIP for short. This plugin allows us to easily add Amazon products as WordPress posts. After installing the plugin, we simply create a new post the usual way.

Product Title and URL

I know we haven’t yet began our search for products to add to the store but for the sake of this demonstration, let’s say we already have an interesting product from Amazon. Go to that product’s page on Amazon and go to add a new post in WordPress. Then:

Copy the name of the product and paste it as the title for your WordPress post. And make sure that you have a good SEO permalink that includes the category that the product belongs to and the name of the product.


Product Description

Using the free tools in this tutorial, you have to write a small description for every product that you add to your store. There are some commercial Amazon plugins that will automatically import the description from Amazon, but think about this: if all Amazon affiliate sites are using the same description as, why would search engines rank the affiliate sites higher than the original source? You must write a bit of unique content to rank higher in search engines.


It’s not difficult.

I copied the most helpful review from the product’s page on Amazon and I re-wrote it. It took me about 30 seconds.

Set Product Category

Add the product/post to the appropriate category.


Set the Featured Image

Set the featured image for your product. Some WordPress themes make good use of featured images. It’ll make our store look prettier.


Configure Amazon Product in a Post

Now you should adjust Amazon PIP settings in the post edit page. Most of its settings are self-explanatory.


I would recommend that you choose Post Text becomes Description because this option will kinda blend what we wrote earlier for the description with the product details. It looks nice and professional — like this:


By the way, you can style this layout however you like using CSS. Amazon PIP gives you that option in its admin panel settings.

Finding Amazon Products to Add to Our Store

Now that you know how to add any product to your WordPress Amazon store using Amazon PIP, it’s time to find actual interesting products to add.

Most commercial WordPress plugins for Amazon have built in searching and filtering. They will display a list of products, each with an Add button next to it. If you click on the add button, the plugin automatically adds the product as a post to WordPress. Here’s a screenshot from ReviewAzon:


This allows you to quickly add Amazon products to WordPress. But then you are advised to visit each post you added, and modify the title and the description to make them your own. So, if you think about it, it’s just as much work as adding a product from scratch.

So, the search feature in these commercial plugins is kind of redundant. Why not just go straight to and search from there? That’s what we’ll do.


Now I want to fill up one of the categories in my store with products from Amazon. Let’s say first category I’m gonna fill is “Reclining Chairs”.

First I’ll browse to the appropriate category page on without entering any search terms.

So, Office Products > Office Furniture & Lighting > Chairs & Sofas:

Now, I’ll enter “reclining” as a search keyword and see what comes up.


You can now sort the returned results by relevance, bestsellers, price, and average customer reviews.

I’ll pick interesting products from the returned results to add to my “Reclining Chairs” category. Then, I’ll also go to the following category to look for more chairs to add:

Home, Garden & Pets > Furniture & Decor > Furniture > Home Office Furniture > Home Office Desk Chairs

I’ll do the same for all other categories on my site.

My WordPress based Amazon store is beginning to take shape now, even though we’re still a few steps away from launch stage.


Notice how I have the main key phrase of my store and the name of each category at the very top. This is useful for SEO.

So, I have filled up my store with posts/products. Now, I should add some shopping features to the sidebars to improve conversion.

If you look at the screenshot above, you see that I have Calendar, Links, and Archivesnone of which is useful for an Amazon store. I’ll replace those with interesting Amazon widgets.

Adding Amazon Shopping Widgets to the Sidebar

In order to improve visitor conversion by getting people to buy products on my website, I’ll add the following features to my store sidebars:

  • Amazon search box
  • Slideshow of the best dealsAmazon has in the category relevant to my store
  • List of contextual Amazon products based on my page content (kinda like AdSense)

Your store should have a search box to help buyers find the product they’re looking for quickly.


I have a full guide on adding an Amazon search box with HTML to your sidebar. In short, just take this code and paste it in a text widget on your website:

<form action="" method="get">
    <input type="hidden" name="tag" value="ms084d-20" />
    <input type="text" name="keyword" size="20" value="" />
    <input type="submit" value="Search Amazon" />

Slideshow of Amazon Best Deals

Amazon provides a sidebar widget that displays a slideshow of the best deals in a category of your choice.


To get the same results on your own sidebar, login to your Amazon Associate account, then go to the Amazon Deals Widget page and configure your widget like the screen shot below


And now if you click on Add to my Web page, you will get a line of code that you can copy to the text widget of your WordPress sidebar.

Amazon Contextual Ads

You can display contextual Amazon product ads on your store’s sidebar using Amazon Omakase widget.

According to Amazon

Omakase links will show an Associate’s visitors what they’re most likely to buy based on Amazon’s unique understanding of the site, the user, and the page itself.

(note: because my Comfortable Office Chairs website isn’t publicly accessible, Amazon cannot see the content of my web page. Therefore, my Omakase links aren’t as relevant as they could be)

My WordPress Site is Looking More Like a Proper Store Now


Now you have a basic Amazon affiliate store that is created using free tools exclusively. The store is well optimized for search engines and very user friendly. It also has some cool shopping functionalities.

Drive traffic to this store and you’re well on your way to making some serious cash with Amazon Associates program!

Missing Features

Okay, I know, this isn’t really the most sophisticated web store on the web. There probably are some features that you’d like to see here that I haven’t covered.

But the truth is: WordPress is amazingly flexible. No matter what the missing feature you have in mind is, it can probably be added to the store.

Just let me know in the comments below what feature you’d like to have, and I’ll see how it can be added.

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    Is this the correct way?

    • Darren, That looks like a valid ASIN to me. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work. If you figure out the reason, let us know!

  89. Anyone want to buy I had it set up as an Amazon store for a while, made some money around Christmas, but I’ve since switched hosting, lost all the files and theme work I did over there, and I have other projects taking priority. I’m not even using it, I just set up a theme over there to show my father-in-law a fantasy football QnA type-site I could do for him, LOL.

    I could use some cash to fund other projects, I’m a single Dad, so if anyone wants a great domain for this exact sort of thing, shoot me an offer? You can email me at ohearn dot thomas at gmail dot com.

    Best of luck to everyone here, this page is a GREAT resource you can see my comments all over for a year or so. ;-)

    • Ouch Thomas… Can’t they recover the files for you? Even an old backup would be better than nothing? Try checking Google Cache and wayback as well.

      All the best.


  90. Excellent Tutorial!!! I have just started using WordPress and wondered if I could make a store out of it. After putting your direction into action, I had my first store up in about an hour. Not only does it look great, but it functions great too!! Your whole site is awesome!! I will be back regularly… great place to learn!!!!

  91. Paul

    Hi there, any ideas on how to remove the Read More with this theme? Id like to build a site with a combo of Amazon like links , using your instructions, but other posts for which I dont need a Read More link. I just want the Page/category to show all of what I wrote. Thanks,

  92. cermen

    How to show all categories in wordpress

  93. indra

    Great tutorial…
    How to make Widget title in centre position (etc in this article: Best Office Chair Deals) ??

  94. Celine

    Hi – Great article. I have a question about the Amazon PIP plugin. I’m confused about AWS (sign-up needed to get keys for PIP). Are there fees connected to using PIP?


    • Hi Celine, No, there are no fees associated with signing up for Amazon affiliate program. You can sign up for free and start using Amazon PIP immediately.

    • Toby

      I don’t think you’ve entirely understood the question – PIP requires API keys, but to get them you need to sign up to AWS. If you go through the sign up process for AWS, it asks you to enter your credit card details as one of the steps, so you can pay for the data and services you use. It does say though that you don’t pay for everything, and you only pay for what you use, and it’s mostly under a $ so it’s not too bad.

      I just went for it and put in my card details, hopefully if ever I spend any money on AWS it’ll be while I’m making some!

    • M. K.

      Thanks for clarifying, Toby. Amazon Web Services (AWS) are many. Some of them are paid service. Using the product advertising API (which is what Amazon PIP uses) is definitely free, though. You don’t need to pay Amazon to become an affiliate.

  95. Neeraj Sain

    Thanks for this great article.
    what if i want to build a website having procuct of multiple e-commerce website like amazon.Need your suggetion in regards to list products and price of e-commerce website on my website.

  96. Hi, maybe it’s mentioned, but I do not get the picture of Amazon in the excerpt on the first page. Where do I have to adjust the settings so the image of amazon will appear in the excerpt.
    Thanks, great post by the way, changed my website completely. Just what I sought.

    • Hi joost, you actually have to manually download the picture from Amazon and set it as the featured image in your product posts. That’s how you get it to display with the excerpt.

    • ah, thanks, I had my suspicious, no prob do it all the time at squidoo.
      again great info.

    • Juan Lopez

      Is there a plugin that will get the amazon picture by itself?
      Maybe by means of using the product link or something?

      (Awesome tutorial)

    • Juan, Amazon PIP imports images from Amazon when you specify the product ID, but it doesn’t set it as a featured image. I’m not sure, but I think ReviewAZON and WP Zon Builder can set imported images as featured image.

  97. Leigh

    LOVED this article. I set up my site very quickly using your instructions. The only issue I am having is that the category bar for the Magazine Basic theme only allows me to have so many categories displaying (and then the rest is blank black space). It looks like you changed it so yours would display more categories across the top. How can you do that?

    I have 7 categories, but it will only display 5 of them at the top.

    • Hi Leigh, The way I setup the bar at the top is through “Appearance” => “Menus” in WordPress admin. I created and saved the menu then assigned it as “Main Navigation Menu”

    • Leigh

      Thank you! I actually figured out how to do it by changing the code for “theme-functions.php.” There was a little bit in there about categories list=”5″ or something, so I changed the 5 to a 9, and it worked the way I wanted it to. “)

  98. Andrew

    I am completely new to all this Affiliate Marketing stuff and I am just trying to figure some things out really quickly.

    You make mention of setting up my website with an Amazon Affiliate account, but don’t you need a website to signup for the Affiliate account on Amazon?

    My question then is which one do you do first?

    Do I setup a generic website, sign up for the Amazon Affiliate account with it, then create the Amazon links, widgets etc. after…….


    Do I request my Amazon Affiliate account first using some other website then setup the website as you have instructed?


  99. Hey MK,

    Thanks again for the great information. Can you tell me what Amazon WordPress plug-in will do all the things Amazon PIP does but also allow you to add many items at once with all the manual work? I love Amazon PIP but want to search for a list of items and have them added automatically to my site without so much manual work. I also like the Amazon PIP format, would there be a way to keep that with any paid plug-in?


  100. Wow – thank you so much for a truly helpful post! I’m itching to get started on my store now!
    A query please – I’m an affiliate for Amazon but also for some other companies. Will the same principles apply? The other suppliers provide HTML images as well as deep links to specific products. I do realise this question is a bit off the mark, as your focus is of course Amazon. Thanks again for a great post!

    • Sure, you can apply the same principles to create an affiliate site for vendors other than Amazon. However, this will involve more manual work since most other vendors and affiliate networks don’t have 3rd party automation solutions (i.e. plugins, etc) as with Amazon.

    • OK, super, and thanks for the prompt reply!

  101. This is a GREAT post! Thanks for all the details.

    Have a questions though. How did you get each post to have a Read More at the bottom with the picture to the left of the post? When I try to insert a picture to the post it is displayed twice when I select the post to read it.

    I guess what I am asking is how do I setup the Feature Images properly to look like your example?

    I greatly appreciate your help.

    • M.K.

      I’m not sure why you have the image twice. But the read more and the position of the thumbnail image are properties of the Magazine Basic theme. Make sure that you fill out the excerpt in each post, too.

    • RJS

      Thanks M.K.,

      In your example, when you click through an item on the home page, do you have the Amazon product image duplicated? I am going crazy trying to figure out why I have a duplicated image. It seems like when I create a Featured Image it inserts it into the post but when going to the post both the Featured Image and the Amazon Product Image are displayed making it not look good.

      Appreciate all you help.

      Great site….

    • RJS

      Finally figured it out.

      Heh MK,

      I finally figured it out!

      Duh… I was using a URL to the Amazon picture instead of an actual uploaded pic.

      I fixed it by downloading the feature image that I wanted and uploading it and THEN setting a Featured image.

      Now I have no duplicates!!!

  102. Guys, you can try the Morise Theme by MagPress (Free) as well, works very well with MK’s method and PIP.

    You might wanna try adding the vertical slideshow widget on the side as well, looks snazzy.

  103. Paul

    Hi there,

    I am making good progress on this – thanks so much- but am having one niggly issue which is driving me round the twist.

    When I add a post, the second sidebar – column on the right hand side (where you have the does this interest you widget – is ‘moving’ to the bottom left of the page.

    I am fiddling round with image sizes etc on the set as featured image etc but to no avail.

    Please , any ideas would be really appreciated.

  104. I’m impressed by the detail you’ve outlined here. I’ve read it twice and plan to put it to use. Rather than having a button that says, “Buy Now At Amazon”, do you know how to add a shopping cart to the site? I’ve seen some Amazon associate sites that let users add items to a cart WITHOUT leaving the affiliate site. Then when the user is ready to checkout, they get sent over to Amazon’s site and their shopping cart already has the items in it. Are you aware of a plugin that can make this happen?

    • Hi Dorian, it’s mentioned in the comments below but it’s very long already hehe. Basically, the tutorial above cannot do that with the free tools. You’ll need a premium (paid) Amazon plug-in to add a cart and retain the customer on your site. You can check out MK’s list of plugins listed on the sidebar for comparison. :)


    • Ah, I didn’t see there were two more pages of comments! After reading them, it seems that yours and MK’s opinions are that it’s best to not use a shopping cart and get the visitor directly to Amazon. There was a lot of good info in this post.

    • By the way, I think it also depends on what site you’re running. If you’re not trying to brand your site, then not having a shopping cart system makes more sense, especially with niche sites.

      However, if you have an authoritative-like blog, then you may want to retain the customer and have a cart system that only gets processed via Amazon during check out. Such system often results to more items purchased per action as it’s ‘strange’ to add more items when you’re thrown to another site.

    • In that case, it looks like I’ll be needing WP Zon Builder. ;)

    • Dorian,

      IMO there’s a better software to do amazon stores if you want a shopping cart system instead of wp-zon builder and similar wordpress stores.

      I use FSB (aff) if I want to make a standalone store, it looks absolutely fantastic and professional plus the cart items gets added to the buyer’s amazon basket immediately, so instead of the 24hr cookie, your buyer now has 90 days to decide to check out their shopping cart items and you still get credit.


  105. Awesome post. My question regarding “See larger image” is different that the two mentioned in the previous posts. For me, everything in the tutorial is working; however on the home page, the product summary is lifting the words “See larger image” from the text beneath the image on Amazon’s website.

    In fact, it pulls these words, then a bit of a description and adds to my description. The site is at If I take ou the ASIN code, the home page looks okay without the leading “See larger image” and description, however, when you then read the entire post, there is no Amazon link in the post itself.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  106. I like this very informative post. I am starting my own affiliate now. This post is most definitely helpful in my learning process.

  107. Paul

    Thanks for the great information provided on this site, and this post.

    I have a question to get PIP setup – it asks in WordPress config for PIP for a Public Key and a Private Key, but when I login to AWS, in the Security Credentials section I only see tabs for Access Keys, X509 Certificates and Key Pairs.
    I have a value in Access keys… Is this my Public Key or Private Key? Where do I get the ‘other’ one?

    Any help much appreciated, thanks again

    • M.K.

      Hi Paul, With each “Access Key ID”, there’s a “Secret Key”. That “Secret Key” is referred to as “Private Key” in PIP.

  108. Hello,

    I cannot get pip to work on my site. I have changed all the settings and have done everything that it said to do even changed the setting to curl. The title shows () in red with nothing in it, it does show the amazon button but with no price and when clicked goes to another page on my site. I have deleted it and reinstalled it to no avail. I have windows 7. Has anyone had this problem and, if so, what “fixed” it?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me.


    • Hi Daisy, It sounds to me there could be a simple fix to this problem. Are you sure that you’re entering the Amazon product ASIN correctly for each product?

    • I get the same problem. it shows up fine on the home page, but not in the single page

  109. Hello and Happy New Year! I found this site as I was searching for some amazon info. I have a few sites up but I’m only getting sporadic sales from Amazon and clicks from adsense. My new year’s resolution is to tweak and ramp up my sites and to actually do real work when I’m on the computer and not waste my time on facebook. Well, its Jan 2 and I’ve already put in 8 hours on my sites so far. Thank you for your wonderful tutorial! All those hours were spent completely doing over one of my sites by following your easy step by step instructions! And thank you for turning me on to the magazine basic theme. It’s great! I’m not css savy and the instructions with that theme are very doable. I’m working on one site a week and now I have to do some backlinking. Has anyone used socialadr? There is a free version and it’s helped me get traffic to my sites. I am bookmarking your site so I’m able to take advantage of your wonderful gems of wisdom.

    Thanks again,


  110. Yves Kouyo


    Thank you for this post.

    I come to create my first amazon wp store blog in less than one hour

  111. Awesome! Your tutorial is simple to be learned yet so powerful and helpful. I have built by following your coaching. I’m trying to find another proper theme for amazon store. Hope the traffic comes to my site. Great job guys! Thanks.

  112. To all of you who helped put this wonderful thread together, THANK YOU! I have assembled an entire site in a couple of days, that includes Amazon Affiliate account set up and product selection. This series of posts has helped me do it better than several “expert” wsos I have purchased. You guys know your stuff and you have the ability to explain it very clearly.
    In the last image under the “Amazon Product In a Post” section I noticed the image shows “see larger image” under the product photo. You also are showing the price of the product and an Amazon buy button. I also like the duplicate product name in red with the dividing line. How did you do it?
    I am using Amazon PIP and can not see how to get that clean simple look on my product post page.

    Many thanks,


    • M.K.

      Hi Cliff, When you’re making the product page on WordPress (in the post edit screen), there is a box for Amazon PIP settings (as shown in the tutorial above). You have to provide the Amazon serial identification number in the settings. The number that looks something like B002NSS0ZCK. When you do that, Amazon PIP will grab the product price, title, and image from

  113. Hey Dave, M.K. and all,
    Thanks for the great tutorial. I followed your guide and set up my site on November 6th and have had 47 orders fulfilled to date. Thanks!

    They are relatively low cost items, but the money will add up over time. I’ve decided to build another, but I think I’ll use your ReviewAzon affiliate link to take it to the next level. Thanks again.

    Click on my name to check out a live example of what was taught (It’s a Hunger Games Movie merchandise store). Obviously everything there is an affiliate link! ;-)

    • Awesome awesome! :D

      Actually, you’re on the right track… As often as people advice promoting items over $100 most of the time, it’s also vital that you’re promoting low-cost, high-volume products as well as it pads the commission tier rate up. I’ve seen some folks running site selling mp3/ebooks only and other $1-5 items and they get hundreds of sales from those and that allows their higher priced (non-electronics) items to reach the 7-8.5% tier easily.

      Congrats again and thanks to MK for this great tutorial :D


    • Thanks, Dave!
      That’s a good point about selling a lot of small items. I never thought about that. I would use the same affiliate link for any other sites I stood up. The more you items you sell pushes you up into the higher tiers. Hmmmm….

    • @Dave

      You make an excellent point. I have a couple of sites which feed into amazon and probablymake $5 a month from that (most of it is adsense) but the $5 i sprobably 20 items so makes it that much better for the other sites selling $400 dollar items :-)


    • In addition to that, be extra careful when choosing niches as Consumer Electronics and computers are capped in earnings commissions.

      Meaning, make sure the items you’re promoting are not CATEGORIZED under the electronics section. It makes NO DIFFERENCE to Amazon whether you’re selling a mechanical (no electric parts) item or not, as long as it’s categorized under electronics, cameras, etc. it’ll get a capped 4% commission.

      My main site ( is a photography site, naturally ALL items there (bulk of my earnings) are photography items.

      While it’s fine that I’m getting 4% comm for a $1200 camera or $2000 lens, it sucks that things like photography umbrellas, reflector boards, camera BAGS, tripods, etc. are all capped at 4%

      This Dec so far I’ve sold $900+ worth of NON electronic camera-related products but they’re all capped at 4%, which sucks hehe.

      So you might want to check if that item you want to promote is also listed in ANOTHER category on Amazon. There are a lot of duplicate listings on Amazon across different categories, you may get the performance-based comm rate if you skip the consumer electronics categories.


  114. Steven Swanson

    Thanks for putting out these amazon/wordpress how to and plugin review articles. Really helpful in differentiating the options and reinforcing my research. I started with Comparipress and am complimenting that with Amazon Product In a Post. Keep up the great work.

    ~ namaste

  115. Arjan

    thnx M.K… but what i do not get is i cannot go to screen options. I Can do it when I’m not in a single post page but not in a particular post. There screen options won’t work (i feel like such a noob :$)

    • Hmmm, that’s really strange. “Screen Options” should be there. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be :(

    • Arjan

      Screen options is there. It’s just not accessible in a single post. Only when I’m in Posts or whatever thing on the dashboard. In Posts when I click on it it says: Show on Screen:


      When in single post I can click on screen options whatever I want but nothing pops up. Am I doing a tiny thing wrong here?
      Even the Help button next to it doesnt do anything in a single post (edit post) view.

    • Fixed it now :D was a wordpress problem. Reinstalling took care of it

  116. Arjan

    First off thank you very much for this Awesome tutorial!
    All working fine, but one thing that “bothers” me maybe anyone has a solution. When I use Amazon PIP with a post and do it like in the tutorial – Post Text Becomes Description – which is definately the best layout for the posts… But they all start with See Larger Image this way. Is there a way to fix this?

  117. Hi There,

    Thanks for making this tutorial. I just used it to make my first ever affiliates site. I have it up and running now, but I have some security concerns about using the Amazon Product In a Post widget, namely the use of one’s Amazon Web Services Public Key and Private Key. It is not necessary to have these keys embedded in one’s affiliate links, but that’s exactly what the widget does. Anyone dumb enough to put their keys in those fields is making their keys public to the world.

    I can only speculate on the malicious uses of trusting people’s AWS accounts.

    My question is will the affiliate links work with the default keys embedded in the link as long as my affiliate tag is in there? Is there a way to get the creator’s default keys out of the links?

    I don’t want to take down my store, but, gee, I probably have to… Because I can’t trust the guy who wrote that widget. Who knows what else is in the widget’s code??


    • Well, maybe I’m wrong about the Keys being embedded in the link. Here’s the affiliate link from one of the products in my store:

      I thought the SubscriptionID was one of the AWS Keys, but perhaps not. I put fake information in the Key areas and updated to see if the link information would populate with my fake info and it did not.

      What did happen, however, is a big error appeared on my product pages. It reads: Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden in / on line 375

      So, maybe there is a legitimate data call to AWS. Still, I don’t think it wise to enter AWS keys, especially user’s AWS Private Key.

      I’d love some feedback on this.

    • I looked at the plugin code and used the developer’s default key values to fix my site. :)

    • Hi Sheila, It’s safe to enter the requested Amazon keys within Amazon PIP. It’s an open source software whose behavior can be inspected and there’s nothing malicious in it. The keys are required by Amazon in order to serve data back to your site and to know who exactly requested that data. I doubt that the author’s default keys will continue to work.

  118. John

    I can’t get the featured image to show up on the post page. Any ideas?

    The Name and price are not showing either

    here is the page,

  119. how to configure the widget? i have set up the widget but all the widget on the left of my site, not in the right like in the picture. thanks

  120. Just to update… My son’s site, using MK’s tutorial here has generated 60 Amazon sales since I finished the site last October… :D

    Thanks so much MK, the way the shop is set up in this tutorial, combined with a normal, authority-like blog makes conversions quite easy even without active promotion of the items.

    I’ve always thought that Amazon widgets like Omakase, recommended products, and Amazon search doesn’t work, but Omakase generated 2 sales (2% conversion) , Recommended products yielded 18 sales (85.71% Conversion rate) while Search generated 5 sales (2.45% conversion)….

    I’ll replace Omakase with Recommended Products widget this month onwards as it seems to convert the best.

    Thanks again!

    • Oh wow, that’s so great to hear!! Thanks for sharing it. Your son is lucky to be afforded a knowledge and an opportunity like this—thanks to you. This is something most of us never had.

      Honestly, I think your son’s store maybe doing better than my store ever did, lol. And be prepared for the barrage of sales as the shopping season continues.

      Keep us updated on your experiments with the widgets.

      Good luck!

  121. chris

    Well, 8 hours into it and I have a poor site. So many functions are counter-intruitive. Simple things like creating the catagories was difficult (had to make posts FIRST, then the catagories would appear). then, you cant change the order of them – they are random. Amazon product to a post is ok but I still cant change the font size so I have massive post titles. The layout function just posts the Amazon ads all over and you cant adjust the size. The sidebar area is hidden somehow. I can only find the size adjustments for them. I cant remove the calendar or other crap. Where do I put in the search html for the search function? AND….ha ha ha…even the Amazon widget function does not work for me. After creating nice widgets when I try and get the code, it just greys out. Did another half hour building another nice widget and tried to save it, and nope that one greyed out as well. Gone forever, it seems. Do programmers hide things and make it difficult on purpose? Maybe a joke or something. Any suggestions on how I can speed up this process would be appreciated. I would rather not spend dozens of hours and have a crappy unweildy site to show for it. Thanks.

    • chris

      Was hoping for some feedback. Anyway, another two days at this and figured out some things. My widgets at amazon were a flash problem as on another computer it worked fine. Some of the other problems I had I figured out over a lot of fumbling and time. Only thing now is how to adjust the size of the title of the post and some minor things. Phweew. But now I know.

    • Hey Chris! I’m glad you’re figuring these things out now. I kinda suspected you just needed more time with this stuff :)

  122. KS

    Thanks for the great info. I was looking for a solution on building amazon store with wordpress using free tools. There were quite a number of amazon plugins on sale at the Warrior forum, but I want to do it manually initially so that I know what I am doing before going auto pilot.
    Great job!

  123. I have a question regarding the categories, i notice that there is 8 categories on the main nav bar just below the header. How is that possible? I can only manage to have 6 of that categories keyphrase.
    Winches For Truck

    • I have 7 items on my top navbar (pages)… i don’t see what the issue is as long as the space is there. You can modify the css as well to reduce the padding/margin/font of the nav bar if desired.

  124. I completely rejigged my website after reading this. I don’t know whether it’ll result in higher sales or not, but I reckon the site looks a helluva lot better. And for the first time I feel I’m not just thrashing about in the dark, but have a clear roadmap to follow when I want to set up a product site.
    Makes a change from sitting swearing at the screen trying to work out how to get an Amazon link into a post…

    Many thanks!

  125. Any suggestions on how to build/get buying traffic?


    • I honestly haven’t found a traffic ‘buying’ system yet in the market, the type that’s ‘direct’ where you pay, and the visitors come AND STAY.

      Your best bet, I’d think would be forums and blogs that’s related to your niche and be engaged in the conversation.

      If you already are active in a certain forum (doesn’t have to be the same as your niche) adding your URL in the profile and signature can get you quite a bit of traction as well.

      If you have a high-search term KW, then getting higher in SERPs would be great as well, of course.

      I’m getting quite a few traffic from YouTube videos for my son’s site, just because the niche lends itself to video searches (and YT videos are easier to ‘rank’ for than full sites).

      You might want to check if it’s worth hiring a SEO service to rank your site for you. Getting on Page 1-2 will practically guarantee a rise in traffic over long term.

    • Dave what you can do is republish your page to, by doing so you can rank your site pretty quick. Another way is go to craiglist forum section choose your niche and make a post or get involve with any of the discussion. Just make sure you don’t spam and after your account is more then 6 days you are allowed to insert link on your post. This will really boost your page rank.

    • Good tips, thanks bud :)

    • To get traffic, I rely solely on search engine optimization. The basics of on-page optimization are easy. You can read about that any where on the web. As for off-page marketing, I just do guest posts that contain link backs to the site I’m promoting.

      For tracking keyword performance, Google’s Webmaster Tool’s search queries report is pretty useful. It feels a bit cluttered and overwhelming at first, but when you get used to it, you start to see the benefits.

    • MK, can you be more specific on how to guest-post for a niche site? I’d understand guest posting for an authority blog or a fan page of something, but for a made-for-shopping niche site, I’ve never seen it before, I’d love to know how.

      Thanks :)


    • Dave, I had a small made-for-shopping toys niche site. If I wanted to promote that today I’d do it through guest posting, but not on,, or any high profile site. I’ll guest post on small blogs. My guest posts would contain tips on how to select toys for your kids, studies on the effects of certain toys on kids, or as many other topics as my creativity allows.

      The way I’d go about finding blogs that accept guest posts would be by signing up to and/or reading articles by Ann Smarty—she’s an expert on guest posting.

    • Awesome tip, thanks and I’ll check that link out.

      So it’s kinda like those Squidoo/Hubpages shopping tips post…

    • Not exactly. With Squidoo/Hubpages, there’s no editorial oversight whatsoever, so content published there has no trust in search engine eyes at all. On the other hand, when you publish a guest post on an established blog, Google sees that there’s at least one other person who approves of your content and your linked website, so it has more value.

    • Ah, makes sense… thanks… :)

      BTW, what does M.K. stand for?

    • My initials. The non-abbreviated version of my name is a top secret that must remain hidden! :P

    • tom

      HI MK

      Are you saying you only use blog commenting and nothing else at all off page to gain top 10 rankings in!? Surely not that would be phenominal.

    • Tom, it’d also depend on your KW niche as well… My very first niche site reached first page in 2-3 weeks from scratch and almost no content with little to no backlinks simply because it was a KW with very little search (a mistake in KW research on my part), but that just shows that with low comp, you can rank high pretty quickly.

    • M.K.

      Hi Tom, No, not by commenting, but by contacting blog owners and asking them if they’re interested in hosting an original and unique article written by you on their blog. The blog owner wins because they get to publish free unique content and you win because you gain exposure on an established web property. See my reply to Dave.

  126. Here we go. Just bought my domain, installed WordPress, now to begin the theme and Amazon integration process. My domain is a three keyword phrase that gets 3600 exact match searches in Google per month, so nothing super huge, but a foot in the door with the two more frequently searched keywords the .com contains. Be interesting to see how this plays out over the next several months as it is my first real effort at affiliate sales, and it’s in a video gaming niche.

    • I didn’t want to spam, but if anyone is interested in following the progress, I’m going to be using a ton of the steps from this guide. I’ll be doing this at Best Kinect Game dot com. Please note that if you do visit, the site was just purchased and WP installed an hour ago. It’ll take me about a week to get a full-blown minisite up and polished and full of content.

    • Awesome Thomas :D Kinect would be a great niche to get into. I strongly suggest you get it up QUICK and promote it on social media or whatever avenue you have the most contacts or targeted leads just before Xmas.

      I’ll be keeping track of your site, wish you well :)


    • That’s great advice, I didn’t even think about the holiday season. I actually have some unique ideas and content stuff I can offer (having a hot gaming chick helps here) so it’ll be fun.

      I found what I consider the perfect theme. I can change themes starting off like my 4yo daughter changes clothes, but I think this one starts off exactly how I want it to look right off. If it doesn’t “test” well over the first few months I’ll change it up, but I think it’s a great look. I’ll be buying it later tonight and installing it so should be seeing it tomorrow some time. I might keep everything basically down until I can launch with at least a fully functional and filled home page. That should only take like 10 posts or so, so overall I can get it up and running within the next few days. It will then come to adding new/interesting/unique content and slowly working the way up the rankings.

      I don’t suppose you’d be interested enough to connect on Facebook or swap emails or something? ;-) You’re obviously an expert at this, and I wouldn’t bother you…but would like being able to send you a ping if I have a question/comment/thought along the way. I’m in for at least a year. ;-)

      Thomas dot thomas
      ohearn dot thomas at gmail dot com

    • Oh dear, I’m no expert, I wish I was LOL, so please do ‘bother’ me as much as you want, I’m sure I have tons to learn from you as well.

      I’ll add you up on FB, my twitter’s davidleetong.


  127. Andry

    Hi dave do you mind to help me how to write the content in amazon pip with 10 products in 1 post? Well with 1 product and 1 post I know how to do it but if I using the code [AMAZONPRODUCT=XXXXXXXXX] I don’t know how to write the content.


    • If it’s 10 products in one post, you wouldn’t need the PIP plug-in anymore, just use standard images/buttons/text and insert the links manually.

      Here’s an example on one of my other more ‘static’ sites:

    • your link is broken Dave, could you give us any other examples?

  128. Beverly Saltonstall

    I have a website created using a program other than WordPress. Within it though I have a subdomain which is a blog that is created using I gather I would need to create another subdomain called something like “store” but do I install WP in that subdomain too? Or can the WP that is installed on my website run another subdomain?

    • No need, just add a new page and it’ll be: (/blog is your wp install, the /shop is the shopping page within that blog)

      But you can indeed add a subdomain if you wish.

    • Hi Dave and Beverley
      Whilst that’s not a bad idea on the surface there is a potential problem looming.
      Let’s imagine the amazon store has categories of products (or manufacturers/brands) and then individual products in those categories for an individual products its URL would be
      And it’s on the 4 th level down the tree.
      The problem is that Google will rarely index those pages if at all on a site with little to moderate traffic. Each time Google bot hit the site it essentially only drills down so far. The next visit it may drill one more level. With a low traffic site and or low link building activity these periods can be once a month or longer.
      Therefore the ideal strategy is to keep the site as flat as possible whilst making it useful.
      So in your scenario Beverley I would install WordPress into and build your amazon store there. You can have as well with a separate copy of WordPress running at the same time without issue as long as you hosting companies allow you to use more than one sql database per domain which they most certainly should.
      I hope that’s helpful.

  129. Thanks for this guide. I’ve made my own site from using this as a guide, you can see it by clicking on my name :) Hope you all like it :)

  130. This is a great post, and I am going to probably look stupid, but here goes. I went thru this step by step with my existing site/blog before realizing that this apparently is meant to be done as its own freestanding site, because Amazon PIP doesn’t do anything -when I got to that step. So a couple questions: Do you have to use the picture that Amazon provides, or can you use your own,if you have the product yourself? Also, can I make this store as part of my existing site by having a “Store” page on my menu bar -or do I have to make a new separate .com name as a freestanding site? If so, is there still some way that I can tie it into my existing blog, i.e. link to in from my existing blog.
    Thanks for your information and help!

    • Lisa,

      You can implement that to an existing site, just create a new page for the product category and add blog posts to that page using a category list plug-in or code.

      You can email me at davidleetong at gmail dot com if you want me to show you my site (I used 100% of MK’s method but it’s not a made-for-amazon site)…

      You don’t have to use that photo from amazon, you can use your own and set it as a Featured Image in a post…

      In my site, the photos I’ve used are pretty much the same as the ones in Amazon, simply because those are the standard photos (and best taken) options to use, but I can most certainly use my own.

      For your third question, it’s the same answer as your first, you can indeed just put one item (page) on the menubar for the sales-related section of your site. Email me, I’ll send you my site info.

      It’s not a full-blown estore though, so as soon as they click one amazon link, they’re out of your site.

      If you want to have a shopping cart system, you may need to purchase one of the plug-ins mentioned in the review (or upper right sidebar of this site).


  131. Any additional updates, sales, conversion updates from teh folks who went live with this?

    My site’s been up about a month, I’ve filled up 30 items or so (manually, yes, all with unique content) but other than that, I’ve been working on filler pages that get searches (as told by keyword tools).

    I’m getting a click or two a day but no sales yet, but the site’s still new, about a month old so I’m not ranking that high yet on SERPs.

    Would love to hear from others.


    • Hi Dave, What’s the URL to your site?

    • Hi Dave,

      I did M.K.’s work here on a couple of sites that are live now. One of them has generated about 279 clicks through to Amazon but no sales yet. Even though I have very unique keyword name the Google stats must be off because it doesn’t do well at all in SERPs.

      I’ve promoted it through Squidoo and organic means. Maybe come Christmas time it will do better since it is about toys.

      Best of luck,

    • MK: I’ll send it via Twitter DM, but I need you to ‘follow’ me as well for me to do so it seems. @davidleetong

      Fellow David (Skip): Nice to hear… 279 clicks is decent, and you’re correct that it highly depends on the niche and seasonal aspect of the item. Maybe October isn’t a ‘shopping month’… I’m banking on Nov/December rush as well since mine’s a toy niche.

      October has been quite slow for my other sites as well, I mean, I average 1-2 sales/day on my photography site ( normally but this month, it’s been slow, particularly after the recent Panda algo update that hit my sites hard (…. Currently, that site gathered over 4K clicks with only 25 orders to date :(

    • BTW, have you tried using another template as well?

      Personally, I like this standard Magazine template, I might make some CSS tweaks because black/grey doesn’t really fit the toy niche that well but still, it works.

    • OMG, spoke too soon!!!

      Just after sending that last message to Skip, I checked my Amazon stats and from my stagnant 25 orders and some kind soul (or should I say, generous parent) bought one product from my site (actual product I’m selling) and 18 other items at the same time (all of the same brand, each item costing between 9-18 bucks)!!!

      My Winkpress-generated site making its first 19-item sale!!! :D


    • Awesome news for you Dave :-)

      And wil provide additional motivation to everybody else to get their sites up now before the rush :-)

      Im also seeing a lot of things in the ordered but not paid queue on all my amazon accounts. I guess people are smarter these days they tag it at amazon and then check everywhere else as well.

      And also people probably looking for christmas ideas.

      We can all hope to get your type of orders on each of our sites each day :-) or is that not in the spirit of christmas :-(


    • Thanks… no better feeling than a fresh spankin’ new site making its first sale :D

      Though we’re talking about $15-18 in commission only, the effort was worth it hehe, especially when all the income from this site goes straight to my 7yo’s school fund (it’s our blog, he makes the videos, co-hosts our podcasts, and takes the blog photos, I do the text posts).

      It’s honestly my first time getting more than 10 orders in a day. I was able to get 10 before on my photography site and that included a $1600 lens, but that site is pushing digital camera stuff after all. This one’s just a toy site, so I have to temper my expectations.

      Guys, go get started with your site now, get some serious SEO stuff going and rank it for Xmas…

      My site’s is slowly climbing up the ranking with nothing more than internal SEO and manual backlinks (mostly from my other site and my forum signatures on photography and car forums), what more if you do some serious SEO and backlinking campaigns, right?

    • Hi

      If your not doing it already you should add in Blog commenting not just forums comments, they are still usefull even if no follow etc. Diverse lnks are good


    • Hi Steve…

      I do so if it’s relevant to the thread/topic usually… For example, right now, my link here are mainly to my main URL portal and to my Amazon-related site only…

      I’ll be lurking in more of that toy brand’s forums and fan sites for link diversity :)

      I may opt for some professional, white-hat SEO service to get it up there quicker if budget permits as well.

    • HI

      Ok just to be clear and differentiate. Comments in forumn threads are great. But comments in do follow blogs (such as ones that use comluv) are going to give you more Juice for the effort.

      As you know its not all about quantity its quality and diversity as well.

      We may already be on the same page.


    • Noted… do you have a ‘trick’ to search for do follow blogs with commentluv installed?

    • All comluv blogs should be dofollow itspart of the policy so you can go into google search and do

      “title=”CommentLuv Enabled””

      use exactly as is. Now a neat “trick” is to put the keyword for your niche first

      your niche keyword + “title=”CommentLuv Enabled””


      Dog Collars + “title=”CommentLuv Enabled””


    • Great tip, thanks a lot :)

    • I have at least one .com I’m going to be doing this on in the next couple weeks. I wish I’d done it already, but you know how life is. ;-) I’m a single Dad to a 4yo daughter and a college student, so things can get hectic, hah.

      The .com I have in mind using is an exact match domain of two keywords that gets 91 searches a month according to Google Keyword Tool. The actual market my store is in gets about 18.5k searches a month.

      So nothing that’ll set the world on fire, but I hope the exact match domain for a couple keywords will get my foot in the door with a steady trickle of visitors…and let time, relevancy, and quality improve the numbers and traffic over time. I enjoy developing and growing sites over time, rather than the automated system of minisites many people do.

      I’ll bookmark this, I’d love to share results with others, as a small group I really bet we could help each other be successful. I’ll likely use a different them than the ones above – but on the other hand, I do like that Magazine Basic theme! But we’ll see, I’m a themeaholic.

      It’s one of two projects for the next 30 days. A gaming site, and my eStore. So really glad to see this post – this site has came a LONG way since I originally visited!

    • Best of luck Thomas! Do let us know how it’s working out.

  132. Debbie

    One more question –
    Once the PIP plug-in is intalled, does it allow the customer to add a product to the Amazon cart, then continue shopping and add another from my site – not from Amazon?

    For example, if they see 2 dresses on my site they want, can they add one dress, and continue shopping and then add the other, and then checkout through Amazon?

    Or do they have to buy one dress, get brought to Amazon to check out, then have to go back to my site?

    If not, it’s a real problem if someone wants to buy more than one thing. I think I’d abandon the site pretty quick it I had to buy products one at a time, unless it’s a really expensive product that I’d only ever buy one of.

    • Unfortunately, no, the paid WP plug-ins like the ones you see on this site’s sidebar do.

      However, think of it this way. The important thing about being an Amazon Affiliate is to throw them TO AMAZON as soon as possible when they find what they want through your site.

      Amazon undoubtedly has better resources and knowledge to do upsells and other impulse-order tactics than we do, so as long as we get them INTO AMAZON after going through our site(s), Amazon can do the rest as we’ll still get all the sale commissions from that 24hr cookie.

      Unless you have a store that you want to brand as your own (like Yahoo Stores, for example, or eBay listings), I don’t think the conversions matter as much.

      In theory, if they landed on your site, they like a certain type of dress already. They click on the link from your site and lands on Amazon. Most likely, they’ll add the original item she saw on YOUR SITE, then find other related items on Amazon and add those too.

      Remember that you’ll get credit on all those additional purchases as well, not just on the specific item you’re promoting.

      Just to give you an example, my main Amazon earning site is a photography blog. Just 2 days ago, someone bought a $400 lens, but with it, he/she also bought a set of Halloween costume (40 bucks) and 2 books LOL.

      None of the items (including the specific lens he/she bought) was listed on my site, they just entered Amazon through another review I posted.

    • Kristen

      Great articles – thank so much!

      I’m still setting up my site, so don’t hold that against me. lol But I was wondering if you know of which premium plugins will actually do the “add to cart” feature? The only free one I know of is Free WordPress Store for Amazon Associates, but there are three issues with it.

      First, it uses a 9/1 commission-sharing model. So one time out of ten, it will insert the plugin author’s Associate ID instead of yours. (I’m not saying the author shouldn’t be compensated, mind you, but theoretically, you could sell nine things for $1, and then the tenth one could be for $1000, which would all go to his ID.)

      The second problem is that you cannot insert individual products. It operates by category, and then you pick and choose what you want to add. Sometimes this imports thousands of items and you have to select them page by page.

      Lastly, you cannot import items from third-party sellers. This can be a problem if you have a niche site. E.g., I am using this on another site I have (, and since a lot of the DVDs are specialty orders, I cannot include them on the site.

      So far I think your method is probably the best way to go. But I really want the “add to cart” feature. Do you know off hand if any of those will do these three things? From what I remember from researching them before, I don’t think so. But you seem to be an expert here, so I just thought I’d check.

      For now, I’m going to do as you’ve suggested in this article. Thanks so much! :D

    • Hi Kristen, Thanks for your comment! As Dave explained in his response to Debbie above, it’s probably more profitable to try to tunnel visitors to Amazon as quickly as possible using your affiliate links. That’s the way to make money.

      If you implement an on-site shopping cart for your Amazon affiliate store, you risk visitors abandoning your site before your affiliate cookie is registered.

      At any rate, the only Amazon plugins I know of that have on-site shopping cart are WP Zon Builder and ShopperPress. But they’re not free.

  133. Debbie

    This is a GREAT tutorial. Thanks. Couple questions.

    Is there a way to create a Home or Landing page that describes the sites, but maintains the category structure of the store? I assume this would just be created as a static page?

    I don’t understand how you got the layout of your page – 3 columns on bottom with one “category” area on top that explains the category. Is this built into the theme you used? I think that my theme allows posts to be displayed in 3 columns, but I don’t know that it allows a “category header” for category photo and description and that is what I want. Just want to know if that’s part of the theme.

    Can this be tweaked to work with an Amazon aStore? Basically my store is already set up and I want to create categories that link to my aStore categories, i.e., if someone clicks on the WP category “dresses” they are brought to the “dresses” category in my aStore.

    Also, where is the Permalink set up? Is that a one-time thing or does it have to be set up manually for each post/product?

    Thanks again. Many helpful hints!

    • Hi Debbie

      Heres the location of the permalink option:
      so logg into the admin panel of your wordpress site and find that option on the left hand side.
      Or this section above to fully explain what you need to do

      “Essential WordPress Configurations and Plugins
      configure WordPress permalinks”

      You could put that infornation on a About us Page which you should have along with contact us and Privacy information as your an affiliate.

      hope that helps with those few questions


    • Q. Is there a way to create a Home or Landing page that describes the sites, but maintains the category structure of the store? I assume this would just be created as a static page?
      A. What do you mean? Have a static page describing the site but not show any items? You can simply create a new page, then go to SETTINGS >> READING and pick that new static description page as your default page.

      Q. I don’t understand how you got the layout of your page – 3 columns on bottom with one “category” area on top that explains the category.

      A. Yes it’s built-in, as M.K. mentioned in several posts below, the site must be set to 1024px wide for the 3-column to work. APPEARANCE >> MAGAZINE BASIC >> MAIN tab >> Site Width = 1024

      The sample site above, I don’t think that’s a ‘category’ post on top, it’s simply the last post of the site hence it’s on top.

      You can select how the posts appear by going to APPEARANCE >> MAGAZINE BASIC >> FRONT PAGE tab, and pick Option 3.

      So if you want the site to look like that, just enter all the products first and do the category or descriptive page last.

      Conversely, you can “STICK” a post as well. If you “stick” a post, that’ll always stay on top. Refer to this

      Q. Can this be tweaked to work with an Amazon aStore?
      A. No clue, no experience with aStore

      Q. Also, where is the Permalink set up?

      It’s permanent (hence permalink) and applies to all posts. Be careful though, if you already have old content with the old permalink structure ?1234 or something, changing your permalink structure will break all links pointing to the old URL.

      So make sure you use a permalink migration method to ensure your old links redirect to the new URL. I use

      Hope that helps (Dave, not M.K.)

    • “Q. Is there a way to create a Home or Landing page that describes the sites, but maintains the category structure of the store? I assume this would just be created as a static page?
      A. What do you mean? Have a static page describing the site but not show any items? You can simply create a new page, then go to SETTINGS >> READING and pick that new static description page as your default page.”

      Hi Dave, i could not recommend that myself. The way i see it is to model my sites around strategies that clearly work and have been optimised. SO the home/front page is products and search capabaility. Content created for humans and for SEO are on the menus but not the first thing users see. So i would drive links to those innner pages to rank them and feed juice back to the home page.

      In an ideal world th etop left hand corner of the home page would include the Best selling item on amazon for that product group. and its no bad idea to link that image straight through to teh amazon page.

      what do you think?

      Maybe our comments were posted at the same time :-) or you disagreed with my comments to Debbie?


    • Hi Steve,

      I believe we posted simultaneously. When I clicked “Reply”, your comment wasn’t there yet, when I finished my post, your post was on top of mine :D So no, I wasn’t disagreeing with your comment nor was my comment based on your response to Debbie.

      I’m actually not sure what Debbie’s asking for in the first question actually, so I just gave the most basic ‘choose which post to turn into a front-page’ answer :)


    • Super cool Dave. I thught as much.

      Hve a great week

    • Hi Debbie, I hope Dave and Steve have answered your questions. I couldn’t have written better answers myself (thank you guys!). One note about aStore, I heard aStores perform very poorly in search engines because everything is inside an iframe. There are no individual URLs for product pages, category pages, etc. I think it’s best to avoid aStores completely.

  134. Hawken

    When adding the search-bar, which you describes in the article, will this be linked to your commission ID? I can’t see how it would be when pasting in the code you mention…

  135. Vamhoss

    Hi, awsome tutorial! Thanks for sharing.
    I do have a problem though, would you be able to help? On my homepage the second sidebar basically goes under the 1st sidebar to the left hand side. On all other pages it seems fine. I have tried to look for answers, and I found quite a few people with the same problem (using magazine basic theme), but I haven’t find a solution yet. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks

    • I think this problem has to do with the pagination and layout. I had to set mine to something like 1024px width and 3 column layout. If you set the page width to anything smaller then the layout gets all messed up. HTH

  136. Liya

    Hi again Skip!
    This is probably a dumb question but will adding the Amazon Deals Widget to the sidebar feature items from Amazon’s site even if we haven’t selected them for our own store? If so, will we still make a commission if the visitor clicks-thru and makes a purchase? Along the same vein, if we use the Amazon Search Widget, are our site visitors searching our store exclusively or are they searching Amazon? If they are searching Amazon, do we still make a commission?
    Nearly ready to start building this thing! Yay!

    • Hi Liya, hope you don’t mind someone else answering the question.

      The widgets are independent of your blog’s content. The Associate ID code is already embedded in the Amazon widgets so even if the rest of your site has no content, any clicks through those widgets are credited to you.


    • Thanks for this reply, Dave!

      Liya, to expand on Dave’s answer, the search widget covers all of Amazon, not only your site, and you do make a commission on sales that result from it.

  137. Liya

    Excellent information! Honestly the best I’ve come across on the web when it comes to setting up a store. Do you know whether Amazon has a good shopping cart plugin as opposed to the Amazon PIP button that sends visitors back to Amazon? If not, which plugin do you recommend I modify? thanks a million.

  138. Dave

    Can someone help me??

    I followed the instructions and everything is cool except for one thing. On the front page, images don’t show. It only shows the description and title, and for one of my listing, it has 1 title, an image (working) and also another title LINK to amazon.

    Not sure what’s going on. I managed to get rid of the post author and date by going into Amazon PIP’s settings for the front page but it doesn’t say anything about images.

    Btw, the way I did it is, I followed the instructions and made a new post, went to the right and clicked “featured images” and just uploaded one from my computer. (Running on local host to test). The post itself has no problem showing the image but the FRONT PAGE doesn’t.

    Any help appreciated, need to get this up soon. Thanks.

    • Dave

      Nevermind, I’m still a WordPress noob and found out that when you put up a featured image, you have to click “Set as Featured image”. ….. :)

      Awesome tutorial thanks.

  139. I followed your instructions to the ‘T’ and then added a couple of plug-ins to make navigation and cross-selling easier and it looks FANTASTIC and very professional as well!
    In your experience, hows the typical conversion rate for this kind of site format?
    I’ve had Amazon success in the past but mainly on contextual links within review and not a storefront like UI.
    I’d love to hear the others’ success as well!

    • Hi David, I’ve heard that contextual links within content convert very well. I have not tried it myself. However, if you create an Amazon storefront that categorizes products and groups them in a meaningful way that Amazon itself hasn’t done, then you are providing value to end-users and they’ll use your website and click through your affiliate links to make purchases. That’s been my experience with storefront UI. Thanks for your comment! -MK

    • Thanks MK…

      I do agree and that’s a great tip, offering a storefront that’s better for the user than what Amazon’s providing :)

      That’s my approach with my estore (astore? hehe) using your instructions here, all product info were unique and tailor-made to the target audience (the confused parents and the excited child) rather than a straight product description (I’m selling toys BTW for my site).

      I’ll report back with my results, the site just started a couple of days ago and it just got indexed :P

      Thanks again

    • I found M.K’s guide a few weeks ago. I had a bunch of sites that I wanted to start so I ended up going with the WPZonBuilder plugin that I saw on this site. I hope he got the affiliate referral for that. I still come back here to make sure I am doing things right though with the layout and plugins. Sometimes I get carried away so I need to focus more on each website. I’ve now got three running with M.K.’s help. Good luck David

    • Hey M.K. Did you ever cover a custom 404 page for WordPress on your site? I just noticed this morning that if I delete products from the site that they are no longer available so I get a 404. So in this case it would be good to relink to categories or products for at least the Google spider so it can update the links in the index. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Hi Skip, thanks for the message and you bring a great point about 404s… I’m interested to know the solution as well… This is especially true for my photography site where products do get taken off the Amazon inventory over time.

    • Wow, WPzonbuilder is awesome… Will seriously consider that plug-in when i get the hang of dedicated Amazon sites!

    • There is a great plugin 404-to-start that could be a solution for your issue
      free and can get from inside wordpress

      wpzon builder is brilliant I can populate a site in 10-15 mins
      in fact I cam build an amazon niche site in an hour now from time of domain reg. Then just add graphic header and a few pages of text content

    • That’s pretty good Steve. I can do all the technical stuff but the graphics just aren’t there for me. I need to find some kind of free header builder for my sites. Right now they are all H1 text which is good for search and speed but boring for user experience.

      404-to-start looks like it might be worth checking out. I just did a quick hack by copying page.php to 404.php. I then put in a query about the 5 latest posts and put some error text on the link. This points back at my products and my categories and will give the googlebot something to update. I then added a custom ErrorDocument rule to my .htaccess which seems to work ok for now.

      Google is getting faster at spidering my sites too. One trick I’ve learned is that once you have Google Analytics and Webmaster tools configured for your site the bot will be there in less than 24 hours. If you don’t do that then it could take days or weeks.

    • HI theres a free tools available for header generation xHeader go google it I dont have the URL to hand.

      Im also developing some services to include header graphics for niches sites.


    • Hey guys, Thanks for your comments. Yeah, WP Zon Builder is pretty good!

      @Skip, the closest thing I have come to covering 404 errors is this page, but if Steve’s plugin suggestion works for you, then great! I probably got the commission on your WP Zon Builder purchase!

  140. 3 Words…


    This is such a simple, useful, practical, and helpful guide for us, not to mention the responses you’ve provided with readers’ questions :)

    While I have been making money via Amazon from a non-niche site, this guide makes it so easy to start a PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING Amazon site :) Kudos and much thanks

    Simple Photography Tips

  141. wedhaaf

    I have few questions here, I hope you can give a help :
    1. Should I create thumbnail of a post or it’s created automatically from amazon? I don’t see any thumbnail come out in my wordpress. In your example, under thumbnail it has link “see larger image” which I supposed it’s generate by amazon.
    2. Why does price not show up?
    3. Why does the “buy button” not redirect me to amazon website?

  142. It took me a while to figure out how to get 3 columns to display correctly on Magazine Basic. If anyone else is having a problem with their layouts make sure you set your columns to 180px and body with to 1024px. That seems to be the only way I can get it to look like this post. HTH others. Skip

    • The problem must be Amazon related. I’ve created widgets of all types and none of them display even on the Amazon Associates page. I guess I will have to give a try later and see if it starts working again.

    • The problem was firefox ad block plus blocking the widgets.

    • noed

      a very nice tutorial. i try to do all that said but seem trouble with the right side bar on the first page,well the right sidebar goes down below the page to the left.i also have tried to set the sidebar width 180px and site width 1024px but the problem still occurs.
      can you please be more specific how and in where part to set it so i can get the page exactly such as in this tutorial?
      thank you.

  143. Pradeep

    Dear M.K

    I have one more question
    You have discussed about creating a site for amazon associates.
    However suppose we are affiliated to different sites, say same brand of chair is available in different sites, like amazon, ebay etc. In our post after adding a detailed review I want to put options to buy from different sites (may be put the banners??), is that possible to do?


    • Yeah, certainly. You can add whatever you want after the reviews. An affiliate link to eBay or a Commission Junction vendor would work very well.

  144. Pradeep

    Dear M.K

    Thanks for this great detailed post. Its helps a lot for beginners like me.
    I have one question, when we use amazon deals widget we need to login using our own associate ID so that we will be recognized for commission.
    But when we use Amazon PIP, we simply adding the ASIN code, in that case how amazon will recognize us ?

    Sorry if my stupid question bothers you

    Many Thanks

    • Thanks for pointing out this omission in the tutorial. Above I said:

      Amazon Product In a Post is the name of the excellent plugin that we’ll use. Let’s call it Amazon PIP for short. This plugin allows us to easily add Amazon products as WordPress posts. After installing the plugin, we simply create a new post the usual way.

      I forgot to mention that after installing the plugin, we also need to adjust the options by going to admin dashboard->Amazon PIP->Amazon PIP Options. On that page, you’ll find a field where you should enter your Amazon affiliate ID!

    • Pradeep

      That is cool

      And moreover Woow Sooooooo fast reply, I posted my query and read few more articles, and just refreshed the page (I did not expect such a quick reply!!!)

      Thanks MK,

    • You’re welcome :)

  145. Hawken

    Thanks for a nice tutorial, but I have to ask a stupid question :)

    I want to sell a few categories of books and since this soon becomes a lot of products I would think its best to publish by amazons categories and not by one and one product as you show here. I can’t find anywhere to do this with the plugins mentioned here; have I missed something??

  146. Wow! This guide is cool. I haven’t tried selling stuff form Amazon yet. At first I tried but I failed and did not know what would be the right approach.

    I’ll try to make a site based on your guide and see how it converts. Thanks for sharing this guide. Glad I landed here.

  147. Gamer

    Does anyone know what’s the best way to post articles when having a site like this ? At the moment I’m making a new page for each article and listing all those pages as a widget on my site. This works but when there’s a lot of articles it will take up too much room.

    Anyone have any advice ?


    • M.K.

      Create a separate category for all of your articles–you can call the new category “Articles”. Then use Simply Exclude plugin to exclude all posts belonging to the Articles category from appearing on the front page.

      Now all of your articles are accessible at but are not visible on the front page. You can take that single link to all of your articles and put it some where on your front page–maybe in the navigation bar.

    • Gamer


      This is what I’m doing now :

      I have 2 “Pages” widgets on my site. 1 has 2 pages with “information” and “privacy policy”.

      The other widget is called “recent articles” and has 5 articles there.
      Every time I add a new Page(article) I exclude it from my widget with information and privacy policy so it just comes up as recent articles.

      This works fine, but now I want to add more articles but it’s going to look messy with more than 5 articles on the homepage etc, so is there another way to make it easier to navigate ?


  148. T Miller

    Thank you for this useful post. I love the Amazon plug-in you’ve referenced. It works great with the default 2011 wp theme but once I load the Basic Magazine theme you’ve suggested, my pip images disappear. It’s a real shame too because the backend on the BM theme was pretty nifty. Since I can’t seem to get that to work though, I’m going to try to modify the default theme into a layout I like. Just wanted to say thanks to you for helping me get this far. Keep up the great work.

  149. Lasse

    Usefull guide :-)

    I have 2 questions?
    1. can i make the amazon plugin list the price automatically?

    2. how do i get the picture on front of the post, and not only when i have clicked on the post?

    • M.K.

      1. The plugin does list the price automatically when you’re on the product page.

      2. You’ll have to use a theme that takes a post “Featured Image” and display it on the homepage–like the theme I used in the tutorial.

    • Lasse

      Can you then have a look on my homepage

      I used the theme from the tutorial., and i only got a picture after i clicked on the post. and there are no prices is the post.

    • M.K.

      Hmmm, I don’t know why you don’t have a price listed. It could be because you’re using Amazon UK. As for the picture, you have to upload and set a “Featured Image”. More details on setting a featured image here.

  150. Awesome post! Not only because of the in depth tutorial, but the free resources. I am loving the WP No Category Base plugin – I have installed it on several of my wordpress sites, even the non amazon store ones.

    Again thanks for such a great post!

  151. Rory

    This is a great guide and helpful Owner. i’m struggling to move my page too the top so i dont have a gap around as i’m using a background and tips


  152. Jay

    Nice info here, I have been trying this almost exactly as described so its nice to know that I’m on the right track!.
    But, I have a question about the pip plugin which I use. Does anyone else get the situation where no more products can be displayed from Amazon because some “maximum” number of calls to the api have been made?
    I’m not talking 1000’s of posts, I only have 2 sites with around 14 PIP posts on each.


    • M.K.

      Hmmm, yeah, there is a limit to the number of API calls an Amazon-based software can make. Amazon does this to “promote efficient use of the API while providing the most effective advertising functionality”. I’m unaware of whether Amazon PIP wastes API calls…Could it be because you’ve been doing a lot of testing with your websites that you’ve exceeded the API calls limit? I’d recommend you try using a caching plugin. It’ll certainly help in reducing the number of API calls.

  153. gamer

    Anyone have the problem where on the homepage it says “see larger image” and the name of the product on the homepage before the description ?

    It’s really annoying.

    • M.K.

      Hey gamer, In the settings of the Magazine theme, which can be found under the Appearance menu of WordPress, you’ll see “Front Page” tab. On there, “Excerpt or Content”, open it and select excerpt. Then fill out the excerpt of all of your products and “see larger image” will be gone!

    • Gamer

      Hmm mine is already on excerpt but still have the problem.

      Dont understand what you mean by fill out the excerpt of all your productS.

      To add a product I just add a new post with description,tags,featured image etc


    • M.K.

      When you add or edit a product, along with the description, tags, featured image, there is a box for “Excerpt”–fill it out and “see larger image” will be gone for the post!

    • Gamer

      I’ll try that out later then,hope it works !

      Another quick question,a lot of people have told me that my site looks too basic (White + black colours only).

      What’s the easiest way to make it look more customised ?

    • M.K.

      I don’t know how to make your site look prettier. Why do you think my site is all gray, blue, black and white…because I know how to design and pick matching colors?

    • gamer

      all i see related to except when i edit a post is :
      “if checked the product will be added to the EXCERPT when the_excerpt() is used. Off by default unless set in options.”

      i have this checked,should it be checked ?

    • M.K.

      When you’re on the post edit screen, you’ll see a menu called “Screen Options” near the very top. There, you’ll see a checkbox for “Excerpt”. Check that. Now scroll down and fill out the now-visible Excerpt box.

    • gamer

      when i click on screen options i have these boxes which are all ticked :

      there is no excerpt….

      ps : thanks for trying to help me :)

    • M.K.

      Go to the page where you edit a single post, not the list of posts, and check the screen options there…

    • gamer

      ah when i go into a single post it has excerpt…

      so now i just put my description in the excerpt box instead of the post box ?

      You are the best ! great help

      Got it working,just need to update each post now.

  154. Gamer

    Thanks a lot for this,helped me so much.

    But how do i remove it saying “posted by admin” ?

    And on my site I dont have 1 amazon product taking up most of the space,just a few products going down the page,how can i get the same layout as yours ?

    (maybe it’s because i only have a few products so far ?)

  155. Hi M.K. Great tutorial. Just wondering as to why you use plugin WP No Category Base: URLs of category pages in WordPress look like With this plugin, we can have the URLs of category pages look like It’s more SEO friendly.

    INSTEAD OF changing Permalink structure to a custom link /%postname%/ which would automatically do it for you without having to add the plugin…

  156. Tom Ripley


    Thats a great tutorial. Ive build 2 sites in the last week based off of this info. Thanks so much for sharing you knowledge so freely. curently working on Pedometers I really liked the Price link info as well very cool. Thanks for all the free info.

    Ive subscribed and will follow you along.



  157. Roy

    Awesome guide bro!!! Two thumbs for you!!!
    This is what I’ve been looking for. And the best one is, it’s using free resource.
    If I may ask, how to convert a premium e-commerce wp theme into amazon store? Can I still use your guide?
    Sorry, I’m still new in WordPress.


    Best Regards


  158. rory

    Just found out that its working fine, but i would like to remove the product title from the API call or from it been displyed any thoughts


    • M.K.

      Hi rory, I don’t think the plugin provides the option to remove the title from the API call. However, you can use CSS to hide the title completely, just set the title class to display: none;.

    • Rory

      Hi Mk

      I’ve tried placing the display: none; in varying title places in the themes CSS but i still cant get rid lol. any help would be great. is the store.

      I was hoping that i would get the Javari Purchase button but it seems like Amazon overides


    • M.K.

      Hi Rory, Amazon PIP allows you to use your own CSS. The CSS that will be applied is the one that’s in the box at the bottom of the options page of Amazon PIP. Do you see it? Click on “Use My Custom Styles?” and then look for “span.asin-title” in the CSS box and add “display: none;” to it. This will hide the title.

    • Rory

      Brilliant i’ve got that done.

      Thanks for your help

  159. Hi

    An extremely usefull guide congrats.

    I certainly plan to use this on a build out of one of my domains


  160. Rod

    Very useful thank you!

    Could you also provide us with a way to offer the products sorted by e.g.: prices, brands etc?
    Maybe the most simple way would be creating different categories for the different elements and linking them? e.g. (“from $200-$400″ category or “xxxx brand” category)

    Thanks again

    • M.K.

      I’m glad you found the tutorial useful, Rod. I like your idea of putting products in categories in order to organize them by price and brand. The problem is that prices and products information change.

      But here is one workaround:

      Amazon let’s you use your affiliate ID to link to any of their pages. So, what you can do is use Amazon’s own product filtering tools and once you’ve set the filters just right, click on “Link to this page” on the sitestripe to get your affiliate link to that page.

      Check this out:


      That’s a link to that will only show office chairs in the $200-$500 price range. It has my affiliate ID embedded. I can count on this link always showing the latest products and having accurate prices.

      Now I can put that link in a WordPress sidebar text widget or I can use the new WordPress navigation menu feature to link to that Amazon page.

      I know this isn’t exactly what you were asking for, but the only way to achieve real product sorting within your own site is by using one of the more capable Amazon plugins. I don’t see anyway to do it with a free plugin.

    • Rod

      Well that’s an interesting solution! Thank you!

      But actually my aim would be to maintain visitor on my site to give em one reason more to browse my site and not amazon one directly :)!

      I took the idea from here.
      Could you suggest me one of the paid plugin which would be able to do that kind of thing?

      thanks again

    • M.K.

      That site is not using WordPress. It’s using Joomla, but it looks pretty good!

      For a WordPress plugin that allows filtering by price and brand, I recommend ReviewAZON. It has sidebar widgets that allow exactly this!

  161. Mike

    Great post, i’ve been looking at lots of commercial plug-ins, but was always concerned about copying amazon’s descriptions and getting hit by the search engine’s duplicate content filter, so after looking around trying to find a commercial solution, you have created one for free.

    Many thanks


  162. Wendy

    Thanks for this lesson on setting up an Amazon Store at WP, it will be very helpful.

  163. This is an excellent tutorial and a good plugin, if anything someone can gain great value in how to properly build a sales page for Amazon products. The ability for this plugin to replace “description” text with In Post text is actually really cool.

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