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Amazon Affiliate Store with a Built-in Shopping Cart

Amazon Affiliate Store with a Built-in Shopping Cart

updated by DeOren Ra-Ki RobinsonJuly 11, 2013
by M. K. SafiDecember 13, 2010

Most plugins that transform WordPress into an Amazon affiliate site fall short of providing an integrated shopping cart solution that lets visitors add products to a shopping cart without leaving the affiliate site.

But two plugins do that just beautifully: ShopperPress and WP Zon Builder. Here’s how each one does it.

ShopperPress Built-in Amazon Shopping Cart

ShopperPress gives you two choices for the checkout process on your Amazon affiliate site. First choice is the usual Amazon associate link that sends visitors to the product page on The second choice is the Add to Cart button.

When users click on Add to Cart, the item is added to the shopping cart which appears in the sidebar of your own affiliate website. Of course, under the item count there also is the Checkout button — just like a traditional e-commerce store.


When the user clicks on the Checkout button, they go to a page where they enter their shipping and contact information. Then they are forwarded to Amazon to complete their purchase.

You can download ShopperPress here >>

WP Zon Builder Built-in Amazon Shopping Cart

ShopperPress does a great job with the on-site cart functionality, but in my opinion WP Zon Builder implements this feature in a more intuitive and user friendly way. Check out this short video to understand how this feature works.

Demo of the on-site cart functionality of WP Zon Builder

You can download WP Zon Builder here >>

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