WordPress for Amazon Affiliates

WP Loves AmazonWordPress has fantastically powerful tools for Amazon affiliates (or as Amazon calls them: associates). We have created this resource to help you take advantage of these tools.

WordPress is a dynamic software that can be utilized by Amazon associates in many different ways.

But generally speaking, there are two categories of how you would want to use WordPress for Amazon affiliate marketing:

  1. as an affiliate marketer wanting to run online stores that link to Amazon
  2. as a blogger wanting to monetize your blog posts with Amazon products ads

Regardless of which of the two categories you belong to, you’ll probably find valuable tips, tricks, and solutions to help you on this website.

Using WordPress to Create Amazon Stores

If you do affiliate marketing with Amazon, you can use WordPress to build an associate store. But you will need to equip your WordPress install with some Amazon plugins to do that.

Even though it is possible to build an Amazon store with WordPress using free plugins only, your store will be somewhat limited in functionality. For example, here are some important functions that a premium Amazon plugin can do and a free plugin can’t:

Some of the most popular WordPress plugins for creating Amazon stores are: ReviewAZON, WP Zon Builder, phpZon, ShopperPress, WP Robot and WP AmaNiche. Some of these plugins, such as WP Robot are only good for blog autoposting based on Amazon products. Others, such as phpZon are capable of much more, they can power broad Amazon-based ecommerce stores!

Check out this comparison of the top three Amazon plugins for Internet marketers >>

I noticed that some people don’t really understand the role of WordPress themes in creating Amazon stores. That’s why here I explain the best way for picking an Amazon WordPress theme for an affiliate store.

Monetize WordPress Posts with Amazon

As a blogger using WordPress, you have plenty of options for monetizing your content with Amazon Associates program.

One of the most popular ways for making money with Amazon affiliate program is using Amazon-provided widgets. I explain how you can simply insert any Amazon widget in your WordPress blog here. There are several different ways for inserting Amazon widgets in WordPress:

They’re all explained on this page.

And if you’re fed up with how little revenue Google AdSense is generating for you, Amazon Associate ads could be a great, more profitable replacement. You can have contextual Amazon affiliate ads automatically displayed on your blog. Because these Amazon ads are contextual and automatically displayed, they’re just like Google AdSense, but the revenue could potentially be higher.

Or if you just want to display an Amazon product ad in a single blog post to complement your content and generate some revenue from it, you can insert Amazon ads in the sidebar manually or insert the ad within the post text itself also manually.

Amazon widgets are great and you don’t always have use plugins (or even WordPress) but there are WordPress plugins that can accomplish some clever feats that aren’t possible with Amazon widgets alone:

For example, there are plugins that can scan your post content (and comments) to look for non-affiliate Amazon links, and then they’ll modify those links to embed your own Amazon associate ID in them so that you earn commission on referrals.

Finally, I’ve talked about some premium Amazon plugins for WordPress earlier and on the plugins page. I may have overemphasized that these plugins are for Internet marketers only. They’re not. Those premium Amazon plugins can be very helpful to bloggers and content publishers too, so, check out their features closely.

Extra Amazon Affiliates Tips for Using WordPress

Regardless of whether you’re an Amazon affiliate marketer or a blogger, there are some Amazon marketing tips and tricks that you’ll find useful.

For example, you can add a user-friendly Amazon search box using HTML to your WordPress site so that your visitors can search Amazon products right from your website without even knowing it and you still earn commission on their purchases!

Or if you’re anal about analytics and SEO, find out how to track and make Amazon affiliate links SEO friendly.

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  1. Hi MK,
    Using the magazine theme,i just can’t set it at 6 units, comes out as single posts
    any thoughts please

  2. [y]zhou

    What a pity … but all premium is too expensive T_T

  3. Hi M.K.,

    I posted a question on the site build section of the wiki and you helped me out with a response. My site is almost finished, I will add my own review content to the posts. The site is showing up at page 11 on Google with no traffic building at all.
    How do I build traffic for this site? I could not find any associated links on your site, I may have been moving too fast through it…
    Many thanks,


    • Hi Cliff, My content doesn’t go into details on how to build traffic to the site. However, good on-page SEO practices are built into the guide. This will help get your site indexed and even rank reasonably high for low competition keywords.

  4. lbug

    If I had a wordpress.com blog (the free version) could I monetize my blog posts with Amazon products ads/amazon plugins?

  5. I am just getting started and the information that you provide will certainly speed up my process as well as help me construct a better quality site. As I search the internet for better ways to improve my online business I get discouraged by the confusing information out there but that is definitely not the case with your site. Very easy to follow and understand. Thanks so much for the information.
    Best regards

  6. AJ Clarke

    Hey, thanks for responding over at Alex’s site. I also had a question… :) Would you ever consider writing a guest post over at my blog?

    • Thanks a lot for the invitation, man! I’d love to write a guest post at WPExplorer.com. I emailed you about it.

  7. Alex

    MK Safi, came over from your awesome comment re: WP Zon Builder over at my personal blog and obviously I had to come and see this page, and now that I am here – well I was wondering what it would take to get a link on this page for my ecourse which teaches you everything that this site is geared towards :)

    Let me know, cheers mate

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